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Radon is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause significant health damage if it is present at unsafe levels in homes and businesses. We offer several online radon courses that can help you learn how to measure radon and to mitigate it so that property owners are as safe as possible.

Each of our courses meets the certification and continuing education courses of the National Environmental Health Association’s National Radon Proficiency Program. Each course is available completely online, and you can access them at any time of the day or night, which makes learning as convenient as possible for you. You can move through the material at your own pace, and you can review as often as you want. These courses are the simplest way to earn your certification or continuing education credits.

We offer three radon certification courses. The first is the Residential Radon Measurement Certification course. It offers 16 ASHI continuing education credits, and 4 BPI continuing education unit credits. You’ll learn what you need to know to pass the National Radon Proficiency Program’s measurement certification exam.

The second certification course is Radon Mitigation. You’ll learn how to install radon mitigation systems, and the course includes a two-day mentoring session with a certified mitigator. We also offer the mitigation and measurement combination course, which offers training for certification in both measurement and mitigation.

For our continuing education line up, we offer several courses of interest to the current radon professional. For instance, you can take Radon Device Placement Protocols and QA/QC for 4 NRPP credits to renew what you know about the basics of radon testing. Another class is Radon Surveys in Schools and Large Buildings for 16 NRPP credits. You could also take Radon Reduction in Community for 16 NRPP credits or Radon: Train the Speaker for 12 NRPP credits. Other course titles include RRNC Practices: An Industry Discussion, Becoming Proficient with RadElec EPERM, Radon from a Physician’s Perspective, Interviews with Radon Experts, and Radon Control methods.

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