Top 5 best spots for college students in Washington DC

The United State’s capital, Washington DC is not just the home of the White House. There are myriads of must-see side attractions for tourists and students looking for fun or relaxation spot or a good place for doing homework assignments online. Named among the most popular cities for youths in their 20s, Washington DC has a plethora of museums and activities that can keep students engaged throughout their entire year in college. But if you are looking for the 5 best spots in Washington DC to explore, here is a list of places to have in mind.

1. Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is an incredible monument of the 16th president of the United States of America. So whenever you get to Washington DC, remember to take a stroll to the dazzling waterfront at the Lincoln Memorial and catch a glimpse of the beautiful and gigantic marble memorials in the area.

2. National Portrait Gallery

Washington DC is blessed with numerous side attractions and places you can explore for free. The National Portrait Gallery is one of them. In this gallery, you will find every art genre you can imagine, from Rembrandt’s to Kehinde Wiley’s work. But remember, exploring this well-loaded art gallery can take several hours, so be ready.  

3. Capitol Hill Books

If you have an undying love for reading hard copies and consider yourself a literary person, then Capitol Hill Books located in the heart of the Eastern Market is one of the best spots for you. This destination resembles an old city townhouse outwardly, but you will be thrilled at what lies on the inside of the building. Take a stroll upstairs to peek at the classics or grab intriguing sci-fi books while sitting in a corner in the basement or finishing my essay writing.

4. Gravely Point Park

Looking for a lively place for picnic, relaxation or first date? Head over to the Gravely Point Park.  Watch different planes take off over your head from the prestigious National Airport. Remember not to be scared when this happens. Don’t forget to make friends with the locals when you visit this park. You might need them for some aero-education and more knowledge about the place.

5. Library of Congress

What better spot to hang out with friends, and learn about the history of the great nation, America, than the Library of Congress, the oldest cultural institution and biggest library in the country.

With almost 900 miles covered with books written with over 460 languages, there is no denying that the library is well-stocked. Outside the books, the architecture is classic. You may even want to remain here longer than planned.


There are many spots in Washington DC suitable for college students of any age. Whether you are looking for fun, relaxation destination, Washington DC has places that can meet your needs. This post is about the top 5 best spots for college students in Washington DC to explore, but there are more that will make your stay in the city worthwhile.