Top 10 Products To Maximize Your Students’ Experience

Maximizing your student’s experience is incredibly important. It will help them become more engaged during the classes and labs and improve knowledge retention. It will also help your establishment gain a better reputation and position your school or university better.

Students who go through a memorable experience during schooling have greater chances of becoming alumni and advocates to further promote your organization.

Since the technology is rapidly evolving, educational institutions have access to better and innovative solutions to enhance student’s experience across the board. In this article, we give you 10 products ranging from computer lab tables to flexible whiteboards to maximize your students’ experience.


Whiteboards are not as engaging as they were in the past. To deliver a better experience, one that goes along with modern technological achievements, you will need a Smartkapp. This whiteboard is more than it meets the eye.

You can use it to facilitate collaboration. With numerous features, Smartkapp will allow you to take “screenshots” and share them with your students. You can choose to store the screens on a cloud drive so that students can access learning materials whenever they need them.


This is another advance made in the field of whiteboards. mcSquares is designed to help you engage everyone in the classroom and bring them on board. The modular design of this whiteboard will allow you to arrange the squares as you please.

mcSquares is particularly useful in classes where creativity and collaboration play vital roles. Students can work together on designs and learn from each other. Drawing guides are there to help students master the craft in a more efficient manner. The bottom line – a delightful students’ experience.

Computer Lab Tables.

Computers are a must-have resource in today’s modern education. But technology has changed and so did the students’ needs. Choosing the right kind of computer lab desks for your learning environment will help your students focus more on the lecture at hand than on their sore backs, shoulders, arms, and necks.

For instance, the latest trend in the educational industry is called BYOD (bring your own device). This means that you will need to invest in computer lab tables that cater to the modern student’s needs, as well as to your organization’s needs.

Acoustic Tiles.

Did you know that according to the United States Classrooms report speech intelligibility rating in classrooms is at 75%? This means that only a few students are capable of hearing the entire lecture during a class. So what is it that significantly impairs the student’s ability to hear clearly?

It appears that investing in classroom design, such as tiles can significantly improve the acoustics in the classrooms. This is why you should assess the acoustic potential of your classrooms and install acoustic tiles where necessary to improve the students’ experience.

Flexible Whiteboards.

We have already expressed that whiteboards are important for engaging students and inspiring collaboration. But not all institutions have the opportunity to use them because there is not enough space.

Flexible whiteboards are here to offer solutions to schools with this specific problem. These whiteboards can be mounted on all surfaces, even if they are slightly curved. You will also be able to find several types, including magnetic, non-magnetic, and projectable ones.

Sport Boards

Since teaching sports is one of the most prominent efforts of modern schools, investing in the equipment for these classes is the next logical move. Beside the classic sports equipment, schools can improve the experience of students engaged in sports with sports boards.

They are also designed to help teachers and coaches present their lessons and instructions in a more memorable manner. They come in all sizes and support layouts of all the popular sports.

LMS Software.

Now it is time to introduce you to some digital products. LMS software is a solution designed to help you streamline your online learning efforts. It comes with all sorts of tools, including easy course creation, support for different content types, automatic grading and reports, online forums, collaboration platform, and so on.

The cloud-based and mobile-friendly LMS tools will enable you to deliver exceptional learning experience to your students across all devices.

Live Chat Software

Staying in touch with your students and dispersing information when and where they need it is a huge part of improving your students’ experience. The more communication channels you have available the better.

Live chat software is a tool that can help you streamline the online communication with your students. For instance, you can use it to arm your students’ help center and make it more efficient and productive.


A chatbot is a cutting-edge technology powered by AI and machine learning. Chatbots will significantly improve your students’ experience. You can use them to help students consolidate their reminders, create to-do lists, prioritize tasks, get entertained, make a new study buddy, and more.

Chatbots can be integrated into different channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and others. They are fun and engaging and will help your students keep their busy schedule in check.

Generate Feedback Opportunities.

Providing feedback to students and asking students for feedback are two very important actions. You can leverage several products to do this. It is up to you whether you want to use Google Forms, Survey Monkey, or to have a specialized mobile app developed.

In any case, to effectively improve the students’ experience, you will have to ask them what’s bad and what they are missing. And there is no better way to do it but to ask your students about the pros and cons of your learning program.

These are the top 10 products to maximize your students’ experience. Consider your organization’s goals and objectives and compare it against the student feedback to decide the best course of action. Some schools will prosper by installing computer lab tables and flexible whiteboards, while others might be better off using LMS tools and chatbots.