One of the most prestigious engineering institutions in India is the IITs’, which is followed by the NITs. However, the competition is quite intense. In 2018, over 12 lakh students have appeared for JEE Main, and out of this just over 2 lakh students have been deemed eligible to appear for JEE Advanced. JEE 2019 is no different, and with the exam just around the corner, the stakes are high. So here are a few tips to help you prepare for JEE 2019.


One of the very first steps to perform is to create a learning strategy. This helps the students to create benchmarks and measure their performance against it. Essentially, it comprises of creating study-schedules and adhering to it. Another important aspect to take into consideration is time management. Effectively utilizing time to prepare for the exam is beneficial. In other words, smart work is better than hard work.


Practice is one of the most important aspects of learning. JEE essentially comprises maths, physics, and chemistry. Maths is quite an abstract subject and it needs constant practice to achieve perfection. Physics and chemistry also have components of mathematics integrated within some of its theoretical concepts So, one of the best strategies would be to practice old question papers, starting with JEE Main 2017 question paper. This helps the students to familiarize themselves with the pattern. Furthermore, students might observe certain trends or practices in the old papers and acquaint themselves to it. This means the students can anticipate questions with a reasonable level of accuracy.

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