The Best B Tech Colleges in India

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Do you have what it takes to get admission to the best B Tech colleges in India? More to the point, do you know how to choose the best one? We sort you out.

It’s the same old story through the ages. The competition for jobs is high, while the supply of said jobs is lower than the demand. This is especially true of competitive job fields spanning IT, B Tech, pharma and banking.

As a student, you are faced with a plethora of options to choose from. The world is literally your oyster, and you have the freedom to select the course of study that best aligns your interest, future growth prospects, and industry demand. Have you considered a course in B Tech? It is full of exciting challenges, and it spans a wide variety of disciplines, so the potential for growth is immense.

Choosing the best B Tech college in India

Of course, the exposure you get to the field and what you are taught and trained in, all boils down to whether you select the best B Tech College or B Tech course in India. At the moment, a few leading colleges and universities are offering comprehensively-designed courses that you can explore.

Apart from checking the admissions criteria to a B Tech course of your choice, you must also look for these parameters when choosing the right college or university for B Tech:

* The course curriculum: Look for B Tech courses that are designed based on new technology, industry demand, and research in the field. The curriculum must be a demanding and evolving one, that challenges your limits as a student. We recommend going with a college or university that offers new concepts regularly, so as to keep students updated about latest industry trends while developing their own independent thought and approach to a given problem. Look for universities offering 4-year courses in Social Sciences, Laboratories, R&D, Humanities, etc.

* The faculty:The course faculty must be an experienced one, and there must be regular lectures by industry experts. They offer new insights into industry workings which may not be yet included in the course textbooks. Being in touch with experts and industry professionals is also conducive to getting better jobs in the future. The faculty must also encourage you to take up extra-curricular activities to create holistic growth among students.

* The physical infrastructure: Check the B Tech college of your choice for a good learning environment. What are the classrooms like? Do they employ modern learning and teaching aids? Are there frequent group discussions and field visits to encourage the spirit of enterprise and independent thought?

* The job prospects: Most importantly, the B Tech course must necessarily culminate with good job prospects. Colleges and universities that offer campus placements and guaranteed jobs must rank high in your search.