Personal Statements General Requirements Overview in 2018

Writing a personal statement is a big deal and it is understandable if you have a little anxiety about the process. There are standard rules and guidelines that needs to be followed, but once you are familiar with it, the task is less daunting. Instead of fearing the process, see this as an opportunity to get to know yourself. We often forget about accomplishments and now you can really review where you are in life.

Living in our times, we can find a lot of information online and it should help. You can even find a personal statement editing service without searching for a long time. The requirements listed are the foundation and basis of your personal statement. These do no change drastically from year to year, but there are some adjustments made at times. You want to be sure that you follow the guidelines for 2018 or the year you are applying in.

Share your why

The idea behind a personal statement is to motivate the reasons why you decided on this course. From there you want to explain why you are the right candidate for the said course. It is all about motivating that you will be a good fit. See this as the main reason and guide for your personals statement.


Now that you have shared your reasons on a level of passion, you need to proof what you said. This can be as simple as listing all the academic experiences that you have. Do keep in mind that your experiences do not have to be life changing as this is your own story. Some people believe that they do not have enough to be accepted into a course. The truth is that there is something that you have accomplished that can stand as motivation for why you should be accepted.


List your interests to directly align with the course, but do not limit yourself to that. You want to show that you are a diverse individual who enjoys varies activities. Universities are looking for people who are living a balanced life. Sure, you can do well academically, but you also need to show that you have interests outside of class. You can easily find a personal statement writer if the task seems too overwhelming.


Some people believe that experiences and skills are the same thing, but it is not. In this section you want to list any skills you have learned during working or in class. These skills should show that you are ready to start the course and add value. You want to explain that the skills you acquired can help you sustain yourself throughout the process.


When you are doing your personal statement edit be sure that you have a balance in your writing. The balance should be between selling yourself and proving what you are saying. You should also communicate a balance between class and extra-mural activities. Academic should take up double the space as extra-murals would. Even though universities want to know that you do enjoy yourself outside of class, the rule of thumb still says that academic achievements are more important.

No plagiarism

Students already know the seriousness of being accused of plagiarism, but be extra careful with this one. Your personal statement will go through a lot of software to check for any discrepancies. Using other examples of personal statements should only stand as motivation. You cannot include anything that you read online in the same words, unless you add a reference or cite the source.


 You can write a great personal statement if you start on time. Never leave it to the last minute. There will be the initial draft and you want to give yourself enough time to proofread and edit. With most writing, there is an editing process, which is a crucial step in your success.

Also give yourself enough time to really brainstorm before taking on this important task. Planning can never hurt the end results and this is why you don’t want to procrastinate on this one. The more time you give yourself, the better chance you have of success.