Perks of studying Bachelor of Business at La Trobe University


Founded over half a century ago and considered among the top academic institutions in Australia, La Trobe University is known for making a positive difference in the lives of its students, partners and communities. With an aim to become a more resilient, future-focused and efficient institution by being sharply focused on the community’s needs, La Trobe University aims to strengthen its roots of teaching and research further. La Trobe University is known for innovations in teaching and learning, strong development of graduate students and class-leading research. Times Higher Education places La Trobe University in the Top 50 universities in the Asia-Pacific region and among the top 250 universities worldwide.

At La Trobe University, students can expect the world’s finest faculty to lead them to a career that amplifies their skills and benefits their chosen field of expertise. In keeping with this theme, the Bachelor of Business Analytics program at La Trobe University is one for the future.

Why Choose La Trobe University?

As technology continuously evolves at a rapid pace, there are endless chances to innovate. Organisations need business leaders who can harness the power of data analytics and turn insights into meaningful solutions for their business to give them a competitive edge. To build a career at the forefront of this digital revolution, La Trobe University’s Bachelor of Business Analytics is the perfect starting point. Students will learn from brilliant minds who pioneer in artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital disruption, allowing them to gain real-world experience through various work-based learning opportunities.

Students will learn various skills as they progress, including problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills across marketing, business, commerce and technology. By gaining technical knowledge in important areas like digital technologies, information system design concepts and computer-based techniques, students get valuable experience that will enable them to succeed in any workplace and environment.

The Bachelor of Business Analytics course is designed to help students to:

  1. Learn from industry experts and connect with mentors in the business field.
  2. Gain invaluable insights and skills through work placements and real-world experience.
  3. Become innovative, adaptable and creative.

Students will be tasked through their coursework to solve real-world business challenges, work on their team-building and leadership skills and will have access to guest speakers and industry-leading events as part of this course. The course will lead to flourishing career opportunities, including Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Management Consultants, Innovation Consultants, and Asset Investment Analysts, to name a few.

Study at La Trobe with The WorldGrad

For students looking to study at La Trobe University, The WorldGrad offers an excellent program, UniSmarter, which allows students to study 3 or 4 modules or1 term of their undergraduate studies from home and then progress to the overseas campus in Australia to continue studying from the second term onwards. The UniSmarter Program is delivered in partnership with Navitas.

With this program, students have the flexibility to start through any of the 5 intakes offered in a year and gain the academic skills needed to succeed overseas as they get unlimited 1-1 academic support from highly qualified teachers, which is a unique feature of the program. All students who complete the course through the UniSmarter Program at La Trobe University will qualify for post-study work rights of up to 3 years.

Indian students looking to apply for the UniSmarter Program, leading to a Bachelor of Business Analytics degree at La Trobe, can start their studies as soon as they complete Grade 12 and can complete all travel, documentation and finance formalities, including visa approval while studying.

Not just this, but The UniSmarter Program also lets students reduce their overseas education cost by up to 15% through fee subsidies, scholarships, financial aid and savings in living expenses. Students, on average, save up to INR 10L with this program. Students who start their education with The WorldGrad also get tailored tutoring that helps them pick up academic concepts and skills required to be successful overseas.


With the La Trobe University’s Bachelor of Business Analytics degree and an overseas education provider like The WorldGrad, students will get the best chance of building a highly successful career in Australia. Critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and other key skills will form part of any student’s repertoire as they look to further their professional lives after studying this course.

To learn more about this course and The WorldGrad, connect with their expert consultants online.