Making for the Safest Driving Experiences

How safe of a driver are you these days?

Being a safe and focused driver is imperative on many levels.

First, the obvious reason you want to be the best driver possible is because it keeps you alive.

Also, being a good driver means auto insurance rates tend to be lower as a result of steering clear of accidents.

Last, with good skills in your front seat, you enjoy the privilege that comes with having a driver’s license.

So, if you’re not making for the safest driving experiences these days, it is time to change things.

Review Your Driving Needs and Goals from Day One

From when you first received your permit to today, one hopes that safe driving has always been your focus.

When a teen asks his parents if they can drive, they do so knowing there is responsibility that comes with it.

Sure, some teens may think having a driver’s license is all fun, but there is much more to it than that.

Having a license means not only being responsible, but reviewing driving rules. Even if you can’t state every driving law in your area, you should be familiar with the basic ones nonetheless.

To help you stay fresh on your driving responsibilities, it never hurts to visit your area DMV.

Doing so allows you to stay on top of the rules of the road, as some may change over time. It also can lead to taking an occasional driver’s safety test. If you do, you may end up with a discount on your insurance rates over time.

Last, reviewing the rules of the road helps you to lower the chances of being in an accident. Even a fender-bender can be a hassle with costs to repair the vehicle. There is also the possibility of your insurance going up in price.

Are You Easily Distracted?

As part of being a responsible driver, do everything to avoid distractions when in your auto from when you put the keys in the ignition to when you safely exit.

Among some of the more common ones that can lead to trouble:

  • Personal phones – As much as you love your phone, it can prove to be one of the greatest distractions when driving. As such, it can lead to you being in an accident. Do all you can to not use your cell phone when behind the wheel. Remember, those calls and texts can and should wait.
  • Personal grooming – You want to look good wherever you go. That said take five extra minutes at home for the makeup or electric razor. Trying to care for your needs while driving can be the precursor to an accident. Even looking in the rear-view mirror for a few seconds can lead to a crash.
  • Personal friends – While it is fine to have one or more friends riding with you, don’t let them distract you. This is especially the case for younger drivers. There is no doubting that some teens have short attention spans. It can be easy for them to lose focus of the road if they are talking to or messing around with others in the vehicle.
  • Personal responsibility – If you like an alcoholic drink on occasion, do it in a responsible way that all but eliminates the chances of being in an accident. Some drivers think they are fine to throw back a few drinks, and then get behind the wheel. All this does is set the stage for a potential accident. If such an accident occurs, the consequences can be deadly more times than not. Save the drinking for when you will not be getting on the road sooner than later.

Is Your Vehicle up to Speed?

Even with all the responsibility you have, don’t overlook the importance of your vehicle and maintaining it on a regular basis.

Check for issues with tires, brakes, steering, engine, fluid levels, and windows. Fix any notable problems in a fast manner to lessen the chances of an accident taking place.

As part of your vehicle safety needs, also be sure to have a clean and organized interior.

How many times have you lost something in your vehicle and hunted for it while driving down the road? If you say never, there’s a good chance you are not being honest. By having things organized, there’s less chance to get distracted looking for an item.

Also know when it may be time for you to consider getting a new car or truck.

As much as you may love your current vehicle, the bottom line is they do not last forever. By knowing when to retire your vehicle, you will be safer with a more modern auto with newer safety features.

As you make for the safest driving experience, drive forward knowing you will be safer for it.