Keys to choose a good tutor for classes at home

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It is common for children, teens, and adults to sometimes need extracurricular support to improve their academic performance. Seek the advice of a private teacher to reinforce the study methodology is a good option. However, there are important factors that must be taken into account to choose a good tutor for home classes.

  1. Preparation

When it comes to choosing a private ekatutor, it is essential to know the academic degree of tutor. He can be a diploma or degree holder. In addition, you must choose the right teacher according to the academic level of your child.

  1. Set a schedule

The private classes at home allow us to have flexible hours compatible with the student and teacher. We recommend setting a specific and constant schedule to avoid variations and, thus, develop a study discipline. In this way, your children can better organize the rest of the day and optimize their time.

  1. Periodicity in the classes

It is true that we all prefer quality over quantity, but it is also true that it is vital to determine a periodicity in particular classes. Establishing two days a week is usually enough to support the subjects that you want to reinforce.

  1. Time of each session

The time of each session will depend on the methodology developed by the teacher based on the student’s academic level and the support required in the subject. We suggest consulting with the tutor about the time recommended to devote to each subject per session.

  1. Duties

One of the key points to take into account when choosing a tutor for your children is to be clear that the tasks should be done alone at home and individually; to take advantage of the teacher’s help for those exercises that they had difficulty solving, to review subjects they do not understand well or to make study plans and learning strategies.