Importance of K-12 Education Staffing Agencies

Unless you have a higher title or position, education has a stigma of being low pay, especially if you’re a teacher. Isn’t it ironic that one of life’s most important jobs, educating our youth, is paid so little? That’s why educational staffing agencies are so important. 

Most teachers do the job for the love of the children and the subject matter. However, it can be extremely taxing, and the low paycheck doesn’t help. For those that still commit to teaching, we need these staffing agencies now more than ever.

We are Currently Experiencing Shortages of Educational Staff

Covid is undoubtedly a factor in the shortages of educational staff. Since the beginning of the pandemic, state and local public education employment has fallen by nearly 5%. The survey data indicated that the number of employed public K-12 teachers decreased by 6.8%. We need an excellent k 12 education staffing agency to find the teachers willing to brave the illness. 

Covid aside, though, low wages have been a long-standing issue for teachers for years. From 2014-2019, the median weekly wage was reported as $507 for teaching assistants. That’s sad compared to an average United States worker who makes $790 a week. Most can imagine that not many people want to get into education right now. That’s why we need education staffing agencies to find those who do.

Staffing Agencies can get the Teachers We Need Faster

Teachers can get into these positions quicker by going through a staffing agency instead of the traditional job-hunting process. Think about it. The staffing agency will take your information and alert you when a slot opens. The teachers are saving so much time and hassle that they may be more inclined to stay where they end up. We’re losing teachers faster than we get them, so this would be ideal.

It Doesn’t Cost the Teachers

We’ve covered that teachers often get paid a laughable salary. That’s why staffing agencies are excellent for the education industry. The schools looking to hire the staff pay the agencies to find them. When a teacher contacts the agencies to express interest in the open position, it doesn’t cost them.


These are a few reasons why staffing agencies are incredibly beneficial to the field of education. Even though they are a blessing, we should still advocate for teachers to be paid a fair wage. That’s a big part of the shortage problem, and they do watch our kids all day.