How to Find the Best International Kindergarten in Bangkok

International Kindergartens in Bangkok offer first-class education that is comparable to some of the top western schools. Any responsible parent will search tirelessly for the best possible place for their child that will balance creativity and academic rigor. While this may feel overwhelming, no parent wants to make mistakes that could significantly affect the success of their child in their later years. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips to help you choose the best kindergarten for your child.

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Location and Travel Time

Although most schools will provide transportation, you have to weigh whether the location is convenient for you. As you may know already, traffic in Bangkok can be hectic and location will play a major role on whether you should consider a school or not, especially if you have to go to work as well and manage all transportation.

Check the Staff

A key to identifying whether the kindergarten matches your child’s needs is looking at the ratio between the staff and children. The best international nursery Bangkok should ideally have an 18-1 child to teacher ratio or less. This will ensure your child gets the attention that they need.

Know your Child’s Temperament

When you visit a number of schools, you’ll realize that they have different teaching styles. It’s important that you know your child’s learning style before narrowing down your choices. Research what piques your child’s interest, what makes them unique, and what they are passionate about. While some schools will have a broader approach to learning, some have a very specific teaching style. If you’re not sure of your child’s learning style, there are many websites that will allow you to take an online assessment and find out.

Know which Programs they Run

In recent years, most international kindergartens have a more demanding curriculum that is more than just numbers and letters. Check whether there are toys, educational games, puzzles, and books that will keep your child busy and challenged.

Fees and costs

While many parents will determine the quality of an international kindergarten based on cost, expensive doesn’t always mean better. And in most cases, the `yearly fees’ will not reflect the actual figure either. You should also factor in the enrollment fee, which usually increases every year.

Check their Food Service

Healthy food improves concentration and learning. Check the food the kindergarten serves. Thankfully, most Thai international schools will have a wide selection of healthy foods available. A good school will offer three snacks and two meals a day at the very least. Also, ask to see the kitchen and kitchen staff, to see if they follow strict safety rules and procedures as well.


Your goal should be to find a school committed to develop your child on an intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical level. That said, you should do your own research and learn everything there is to learn about a particular school before you make your final decision.