4 Tips for Raising an Adolescent in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a huge city with many sides to it, and there are certainly many neighborhoods and communities where it’s perfectly safe to raise a kid in a socially nourishing environment. Whether you’ve been living in Bangkok for a while and your kid is getting older or you’re preparing to move to Bangkok with a teenager, you probably have some concerns about how you can keep your young one out of trouble and on the right track. That being said, here are four tips you can use to make your job as a parent easier and more effective when raising your kid(s) in Bangkok, Thailand.

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1. Choose a Good School

Given the amount of time kids spend at school, choosing the right educational institution is by far the biggest step you can take as a parent. This is particularly important if you’re going to be living in a major city like Bangkok, where there are so many schools to choose from, and not all of them are great. Bangkok Prep International School is the perfect example of a quality preparatory school that achieves a high rate of student success. Taking the time to tour and compare multiple schools in your area can give your child a head start.

2. Spend Quality Family Time and go Sightseeing

When you’re excessively distant from your child, you create the possibility of them developing personality traits and habits that are detrimental to their development and upbringing. Getting out and seeing some of the sights that Thailand has to offer can help fulfill the need for adventure that every adolescent has. Cooping them up at home to shelter them from the outside world is a bad idea because eventually, they will want to break away from that – and then you’ll have an even bigger problem on your hands.

3. Learn the Language

If you’re going to be living in Thailand for a while, it makes sense for your kid(s) to learn Central Thai. This will help them meet new friends and feel more comfortable, as they will understand everyone instead of only the people who can speak English fluently. While Thailand has a high percentage of English-speaking residents, it’s still an interesting learning challenge and cultural experience for your young ones to learn another language, especially when it’s being used all around them every day.

4. Promote Socializing

Finally, trying to keep your kids from having friends when they’re living in a new environment can be a mistake, as they’ll be missing out on developing important socialization and communication skills. Thus, it’s best to encourage your adolescent to have friends and be on top of their social life instead of trying to prevent them from having one altogether.

Staying in Touch with People Back Home

If you’ve moved to Bangkok from another country or you’re about to do so, keep in mind that culture shock and homesickness can have negative emotional effects on kids if they have to adjust to immediately losing all remnants of their former way of life. Thus, it’s always good for parents to promote communication between your child and their friends and family members back home.