How To Entertain Your Little Ones on Cold, Dark Winter Evenings 

Another year is coming to a close, and that means the nights are getting longer. Unlike in the warm summer months, outdoor activities and trips with your children are no longer possible. So how do you keep little minds and hands busy during the cold, dark winter evenings? 

Just because it gets dark earlier, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop any sooner. The winter season provides the perfect time to have fun as a family, all from the comfort of your own home. Below, we’ve listed 5 fun activities you can do alongside your children, to pass the time wisely and have fun together.

1. Make Seasonal Crafts 

Winter is a season filled with opportunities to celebrate. Harvest festivals, Halloween, bonfire night, Christmas and New Year all come one after the other. Spend some time with your kids creating cool crafts for the next holiday. Be it carving pumpkins or painting baubles, the dark winter evenings will fly by when your family gets creative. This is the perfect activity for any siblings with an age gap, as everyone can get involved and make a decoration that you can display year after year.  

2. Cook A Winter Meal 

If your children are old enough, cooking can be a great activity to do together as a family. The kids can get involved with writing a menu and setting up a family dinner party, as well as learn valuable skills in the kitchen. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce them to seasonal fruits and veggies, as well as teach them about what different cultures eat during the winter season. Some simple and easy recipes include hearty soups, pasta bake, ’make-your-own’ pizzas, quesadillas, and a whole host of sweet treats.  

3. Watch Cartoons 

Watching free kids cartoons can be a great way for the family to spend time together. It requires no preparation or clean up, and of course, is very budget-friendly. The hardest part is deciding on the best cartoons to watch. There is a range of cartoons available on streaming services and traditional television channels. While some are educational, others are comedy gold, so you’re sure to find one that’s fun for the whole family. Get some scrumptious popcorn going and you’ve got a chilled-out ‘movie’ night in. 

4. Host a Games Night 

Most families have a ton of board games and puzzles lying around that only come out on the rarest of rainy days. Long, winter nights can be a great time to break these out of the games cupboard and host a family games night. This is also the perfect chance to teach your children how to play staple games, such as draughts or backgammon. Or, video games can also be a great way to get the family together and pass the time. Make sure to think of a ‘grand prize’ in advance, such as choosing tonight’s meal or even extra pocket money. 

5. Learn Something New 

Finally, the dark winter evenings provide the perfect quiet time to learn something new. Whether it’s simply watching a nature documentary and picking up some new facts, practising an instrument or even learning a new language and cultivating a lifelong passion for your child, you’ll have plenty of time to do it together this winter. These activities can supplement your children’s education while being a fun chance for the whole family to bond together. Some more things you can learn as a family include, first aid techniques, poetry writing, gift wrapping, sewing and knitting, hair styling, or dancing.