How to choose the best school for your child with special needs?

The schooling of the smallest member of the house goes through a process of choice in which parents must make a decision that will mark the social and intellectual future of their child. For children with disabilities, it is also necessary to establish whether a special education centre or an inclusive ordinary school is chosen. There are many and very diverse options, but which one is optimal for your child? What happens if among the proposals you also have to look for the right one for your child who has a disability?

Important steps to consider

First of all, observe your child and prioritize their needs. You better than anyone should know what supports you need and in what areas. Listen to the professionals. You have the last word, but listen to the professionals who can guide you, they know the schools that exist in your area and they know how they really work. Do you want to know about the principle of the school? Where he lives, how is his environment and what kind of person is he? You can understand these facts once you know all the details. And it can be done through It’s a software, which helps you to know every details of a person with just a single phone number.

Visit as many schools as you want

The opinions that people who take their children to each centre can give you are valuable, but don’t be alone with this. Perhaps their priorities are not the same as yours. Take advantage of the open days, but if you want to know how it works you can really ask for a visit during school hours. Empty facilities do not say much about how the school works. Also note the presence of students and families of the centre in this type of conference and observe that these days do not have a commercial orientation and show the operation of the school. Do not stay with any doubt. It is natural that you have specific needs different from other parents who do not have a child with a disability.

Think about family organization

It is interesting to assess what it means for family members that a child goes to one school or another. So that it is possible to reconcile with the schedules of the parents or the rest of the siblings. For example, that children go to different schools may mean that during the school year parents organize themselves to take them, pick them up, etc. and this fact may be too stressful for the family. In the case of families with special educational needs, involvement and communication with the school is very necessary. It is essential to work together, share the same goals and maintain open, permanent and fluid communication. For this, it is especially necessary for the educational team to recognize your role as a parent, to understand that no one knows your child better than you and to involve you in making decisions related to your child.