How data changed the travel industry

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Data is changing the way how business operations are conducted. Data is collected in forms of online search, customers interactions, purchase patterns, and feedback. All of this data, when analyzed, helps a company to adapt as per customer need and increase their profit and customer satisfaction.

How the travel industry was affected.

The travel industry provides a variety of options such as hotel, car rentals, flight tickets, etc. By analyzing the requirement of different individuals such as a family, a couple or an individual, they were able to create new packages, deals, and promotions for everyone. Each package had a different budget, location, and modes of travel. Since the requirement of each traveller is different from others, the adaptive analysis helped the companies to change their product as per customer needs. Nowadays, travel industries provide multiple Data Analytics Course for their employees to help them predict customer needs.

Data helps to keep a check on the competition.

A proper data analysis can help a company understand what product is customer choosing over his and what necessary changes are required from their side to change the customer’s preference. Data in the travel industry can help a company understand what the competitors are offering. This helps the company to tailor its product offering so that the customer prefer their product over competitors.

Data has also helped the travel industry understand multiple things such as the peak duration during which people like to travel, their favorite locations, most preferred payment mode and extra activities they like to enjoy during. This data can help a company to create an attractive package catering to the individual budget and preference.

Data analysis can also provide predictive information. For example, an airline needs to know the number of passengers flying their airlines during a specif period. With predictive analysis, they can increase or decrease their number of flights on a day. Predictive data analysis can be understood through a Data Analytics Course which benefits the industry in many ways.

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