Guide to finding the best school for your child in Bangkok

Schooling is one of the most significant phases in the life of any child. Education is a high priority on the priority list of any parent considering the future of their child and with the numerous available options, this crucial decision is tough to make. In Bangkok, there is a host of schools to choose from, each offering a different environment, teaching style, and community.

Public schools in Bangkok

For Thai Nationals living in Bangkok, Public education is free of cost for the first 13 years of life. After this, in order to pursue education, schools demand fees. Public schools use Thai as a medium of education because all students are Thai nationals. For expats, however, private and international schools are preferred over public schooling.

Private schools in Bangkok

Private schools in Bangkok follow an international curriculum and are a popular choice among wealthy families in Thailand. For Thai expats, private schools are a cheaper option than international schools. The culture in private schools reflects the local culture of Bangkok because the majority is composed of Thai nationals. International schools, on the other hand, offer a greater diversity of cultures.

International schools in Bangkok

International schools in Bangkok follow the foreign curriculum of other countries like the British and American systems of education. These schools have a rigorous application procedure and entrance tests since they have a limited number of available seats. The eligibility criteria of these schools usually restrict the pool of students that are accepted.

Harrow International School in Bangkok is one such school located in Don Muang. It provides schooling to international students between the ages of 18 months to 18 years. Harrow International School of Bangkok follows the IGCSE and A Level course curriculum of the British Council. Such schools in Bangkok are the ideal option for international students in search of an institution that offers high-quality education.

How to find the best school for your child

What really is meant by a good school? For any educational system, a good institute is a place where a child receives a nurturing environment where he can explore his talents and establish a secure foundation for a successful future ahead. Choosing a suitable school for your child is a crucial step in his career and some of the important things to consider while making the choice are given below.

  1.     Academic standard

The academic performance of any school is perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to shortlisting good schools for your child. While extracurricular activities are also important, never ignore the standard of education being offered at the school. A good record of ranking on various standards indicates a high-standard education. The main subjects including mathematics, science, and English need to be up to par for any school to be considered in your list of preferences.

  1.     Affiliation of the institute

The curriculum board that the school is affiliated with is another very important consideration when it comes to selecting a school that secures your child’s future. Some of the well-recognized boards of the curriculum include CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, NIOS, CIE, and state board. Significant questions to consider include whether the board changes from primary to higher education, whether the school offers more than one board, and the year till which the school can cater to your child’s education.

  1.     Core values that the institute reflects

The value-system, culture, and environment of the institute play a vital role in the growth and development of any child. It is important that you are well-aware of the school’s preferred values, mission, and vision. The best way to get to know about this is to consult the principal directly. For instance, get to know whether the school places greater emphasis on academic excellence than extracurricular, or vice versa, or whether it values a combination of both.

  1.     Opportunities for extracurricular activities

A holistic educational system is one that caters to both the academic and extracurricular requirements of a child’s development. Sports, music, art, craft, and other such fields are equally important in the growth of any child and it is essential that you get to know what degree of attention the school pays to these activities. When shortlisting schools from a variety of options, consider this criterion as well.

  1.     How well-supplied is the library?

A school without a well-resourced library is incomplete. At any level of education, access to additional resources for knowledge is important. All schools would have a library but the degree of attention paid to this section of the school plays an important role in your decision. A fully-stocked library is likely to instill a love for books in your child.

  1.     Understand your child

As a parent, you must be aware of the type of environment that will give your child the best opportunity to flourish to his greatest potential. Get to know your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and personality. If you know your child can reach her full potential in an environment that offers diversity in terms of culture, an international school could be a good option. Alternately, if you know that your child is reserved and less outgoing, a school offering a closed community of similar children might be better able to bring out the best in your child.

  1.     Pay a visit to the short-listed schools

Do not rush any decision before first having seen the institute for yourself. While you may be able to develop a holistic picture from the school brochures and websites, do not rely on that alone. Get an appointment to the school of your choice and pay a visit during school hours. Get to know the culture and environment, talk to the principal, and meet the teachers. During your visit, consider everything from the perspective of your child and finalize the decision only if you are certain that it is the best for your child in all respects.

Selecting a school for your child can be one complicated task and the numerous available options, all claiming to be the best, do not make things easier. The decision is crucial and careful consideration is the key to making the right step. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above when selecting a school for your child!