Expectation vs. Reality – How Studying In Canada Will Assure You A Great Career

Studying abroad is one of the bravest and important decisions one can take for your career. Canada is the top destination for students from Thailand looking to study abroad. Apart from having the highest academic standards and quality universities, it is quite affordable compared to other countries like UK and US.

Most students try to learn everything about the country they want to know the experience others similar students have in the country. Students often hear a lot of things about the country; some are good while others are bad. But, it is essential to ask questions so that one can know what to expect once they are there so that it is not a shock for them. Everything that you read online might not be true, and you should not become a victim of ‘expectations vs. realities syndrome that can make your study abroad experience in Canada damp. Here are some of the top things that you need to keep in mind when studying abroad in Canada –

Expectation – Make International Friends Easily

Reality – When you go abroad for your education, it is common to strike friendships with those who are from the same country or nearby. Most students will experience cultural shock when they move abroad especially for those who are going out of the country for the first time without their family members. Thus, most students want to seek comfort in this situation and look for other students from Thailand or nearby countries.  

It is essential for students to step out from the comfort zone and talk to students from other countries as well. While you may not have an instant connection, but you can be sure to have lots of friends once your time abroad ends. Remember that you need to make an effort to foster relationships with people from other background and even much more to maintain it once you finish your studies. While you may have to put in more effort, it will help you improve your communication skills.

Expectation – I Will Master the Language of the Country

Reality – While you will speak English most of the time, being fluent in any second language will take years. It is essential for students to interact with locals to learn the local language. It will take the time to learn the new language, mannerisms, and customers when studying abroad. It is essential to immerse yourself in learning a second language while abroad as you will learn much quickly by forcing your brain to develop this skill.

One can easily stay in an international dorm to get a constant support system to learn the new language skill. You can also choose to live in a homestay rather than a dorm, to help you reside with the locals and learning the new language easily. Remember that you need to practice the new language on a daily basis to become fluent in it.

Expectation – Everyday of Your Study Abroad Program Will Include Adventure, Sightseeing, and More Exploring

Reality – You need to remember that you are in college or school even if you are studying abroad and some days will be like it was in your home country – going to classes, coming back and eating, doing your homework and going back to bed. The course programs abroad are demanding, and you might receive a lot of homework as well. Some days, you will be required to prioritize your responsibilities as there will be a lot of things to complete in a short period.

It is important not to become frustrated with all the things that you need to take care of when studying abroad. You will surely get time to unwind and explore places, but you need to ensure that your studies are going fine. You will be staying in the country much longer than other travelers. Thus, you will need to prepare a list of must-see places in and around Canada and cover them during your weekends off or during holidays. Remember that you are still a student and need to prepare a budget for travelling accordingly.

Expectation – You Will Meet Some Amazing People and Have the Best Time of Your Life

Reality – Well, this one is completely true. Students studying abroad get to meet some great people, build networks and get new experiences that could never do in their country. Studying abroad also helps enhance their skills which are important for their career. It has been seen that students with international experience tend to get employed much faster than those without one. In addition, since universities in Canada have a more practical approach, most students will find it much easier to adjust to a new environment once they start working.   

If you get a chance to study abroad, one should not miss it and take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Apart from meeting people and exploring places, you will become more attractive to prospective employers. More companies are looking to hire employees who have experience studying and working with people from different backgrounds. You will end having many stories to tell your family and friends.

It is essential that you move abroad for studying with an open mind so that you do not get frustrated if something happens that you had not imagined before. While one will set expectations, it is important to know the reality and not to worry because all of this is quite normal. You will also be worried about your exams and your grades just like in your home country. You will have a very good time most of the time, but there will be times when you will be exhausted, and you will miss home. You need to keep in touch with your friends and families so that you do not feel alone. Remember that international experience will enhance your resume and help you get more employment opportunities than before. It will also make you more independent especially if you have not stayed alone most of your life and have always been dependent on their parents for everything.