English accents around the world that left us amazed!

Learning the English language has always been interesting but being able to develop the native accent is what the catch becomes. English being the universal language gave birth to assorted accents in various countries around the world. Are you a beginner? Why not practice English in these English accents:

1) Australian English Accent: Oi! Why not the lazy accent!

To speak like an Aussie, all you need to do is be “supah” lazy. Speak as a sloth would. Get your vowels extra-long, and yes be candid about your tired accent even in a formal meeting! Here are basic rules to play with when speaking an Aussie accent.

Skip the “R”s & “G”s- Australians dodge these letters. “Are you coming?” becomes “aha ya comin?”. “Where” becomes “weah”. “Super” becomes “supah”.

Their “a” sounds like “i”, so the “good night mate” becomes “good night ma-e-gh-t”. “Wa-it-t” please, you didn’t get rightly directed to the Sydney Opera House? Ya know right ELSA is yah travel accent assistant. Travel easy and learn English pronunciation from every corner of the world.

2) Indian English Accent: Mother promise, Father promise God promise, we are like this only!

The Indian English accent or as I would say ‘Hinglish’ a mix of spoken Hindi & English has always been adorable! Be it from a kid who is taught to address” what is your good name?” to an elderly stating “do one thing, na!” or “I toh told you to come early!”

India is the second-largest English speaking country. However learned or proficient Indians get, roots don’t seem to detach. Well now it’s a lovable bond. “Toh” don’t mind us asking for McDonald’s “ka” Piri-piri fries. You get it “na” now? We love spice!

3) British English Accent: This is the home! Here you will use phrases with arbitrary meaning. Well, that is how it is. Take the tube (take the train) or spend a penny (a very polite way to excuse yourself to the loo). British accent or the original English accent has you removing “R”s in your pronunciation. For instance “March” sounds “maach” & “hardly” sounds “hadly” .Basics are pretty lucid: Drop your jaw, clench your teeth and go “Ah”s to your “A”s.

To learn English pronunciation is a curious venture, there are too many accents to learn from and all of them have their own native tint and fun. To make things easy for learning languages and accent reduction, there are apps like Duolingo & ELSA available on your smartphones that provide convenient and user-friendly platforms to build your way around language development. It’s super essential when you are traveling. Helps you order what you actually want to eat.

To learn and practice English has become a lot more convenient. More options are available today than just a blue book of grammar and the classic dictionary. Though we all miss dictionaries, we always will be clearing the dust bunnies on them so that they sparkle vintage as ever.