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The public education system of Canada has been finely funded. It is in fact widely managed provincially. But at the very same time, you may notice a bit of changes between different provinces. But on the whole, the federal government manages the education system here.

You have both the public and the private education system accessible in Canada. Right from kindergarten the education system of Canada is well subsidized right up to the post secondary level. The government spends approximately 6 percent of its GDP in this sector. If you too are a student in Canada and want to buy supplements or grocery at a discounted price then use the link iHerb discount code for existing customers. You will be surprised to know how much you end up saving through these coupons.

Coming back to the education system, Canada has basically three levels. They are the Primary, followed by the Secondary and last the Post Secondary level.

Primary Education

This is also commonly called the elementary school. It starts from usually kindergarten level and goes up to the Eighth Grade. The school time is usually from September until June.

Secondary Education

This is the level which is usually called the High School level. It starts from the Ninth Grade unto Grade twelfth. If you are in Ontario, you will have to cross Grade 12+. This usually proceeds with the CEGEP. This is the two year college level which is funded publically.

Post-secondary Education

Canada offers a flotilla of universities and colleges to select from with some of the best courses available. It also has a lot many universities that are internationally recognized. They are located both in the rural as well as urban areas. Usually the degree which one gets awarded from a Canadian university is widely recognized all across the globe.

University time usually starts from September and runs until April or May time. It usually has two terms which students have to follow. There are wide arrays of post-secondary institutions which offer a good number of courses to students which they can take up during the summer months.