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As summer vacation draws to an end and a new school year comes closer and closer you need to go out and buy what your child will wear to school. Usually, you would hunt through shelves full of clothes to find what your kid will wear. It is a formidable chore and one that you need not go through every August year after year.

Visit Cookie’s Kids website for all your school shopping needs. For years we have been providing customers with high quality and durable children’s school clothing and other accessories. Find your school uniform on our site and begin to shop for your children from your dining table.

What we carry

Cookie’s boys’ shop carries everything the young champ will ever want. Stylish and cool polos, pants, trousers, sweaters, button-up and collared shirts and blazers that will make him look elegant and smart every day of the year. Available in sizes from 2T to Adult you can find his clothes no matter how big – or small – he is.

Our girls’ clothing store sells everything to make your little angel look fashionable and chic all through the school year. Browse through our uniforms, jumpers, dresses, skirts and skirts, pants, sweaters in every possible size from 2X to Plus.  Buy hair accessories for her too from hair bands to clips and ponytail holders.

Not only clothes, we also sell socks and shoes, ties, belts, undergarments and even backpacks.

Shop now for the best bargain

We carry a huge amount of merchandise for satisfying every need your child may have. You can stock up on entire wardrobes for your children and feel happy knowing you received a bargain. Find your school on our website and order now to avail huge discounts. Your children will love our uniforms and accessories. Our matchless returns policy offers you peace of mind when you buy from us.