Being a legal assistant is an excellent way to get involved in the legal system without possessing a formal law degree. Paralegals work for individuals, law firms, corporate companies, government agencies, and non-profit organisations. The most important task of a paralegal is to support lawyers in their work. Their duties may vary on a daily basis depending on the field for which he is working. To be a legal assistant, a candidate must be a graduate from a reputed university and an aspirant with an ambition to work in a leading law firm at an entry level position. Most of the clients will consider an incumbent who might be from a law school or someone who has an experience in legal related works. Some employers do hire bachelor’s degree holders with no prior legal experience or education. They do give efficient training to make them perfect for the job. Some even opt to get training before applying their incumbency. Entry level paralegal jobs will consider candidates who have strong research skills from college or internship during school.

Duties and responsibilities of paralegals

A paralegal often acts as an administrative assistant to the company he is working for. They are responsible to do various types of work with respect to the client. They will balance everything to convince the clients. Their knowledge and dedication will benefit the firm in many aspects. Often, the work productivity of a legal assistant is more as they do multi-tasking. They can also provide legal advice to the client. They need to perform the following activities:

  • Recording statements from witnesses.
  • Filing case files and handling clients.
  • Helping attorneys to prepare for court cases.
  • Drafting of documents and letters.
  • Preparing legal presentations and doing legal research
  • Assisting attorneys in all stages of opening and closing process.
  • Interviewing clients
  • Schedule interviews with clients, witnesses and lawyers.

Why to opt for paralegal jobs

A paralegal job may land a candidate with many offers. He will get an opportunity to learn about the legal system of various fields. He will also learn about general office tasks office technology. There are several ways for a person to become a paralegal. They are required to have excellent work ethic with good communication and written skills. While some people struggle to make a good career at an entry level position, legal assistants can make a daunting impression as it renders multiple works.Paralegals and entry-level paralegals are not licensed attorneys and therefore they do not practice law. Entry level paralegal jobs include the same work as a legal assistant. Lawyers rely on paralegals for handling multiple works. Paralegal jobs do not require any specific qualification. They are bound for both public and private sectors. The perks provided as a legal assistant is very attractive. It offers a good salary and also a security for job. For the appreciation of the job, the rewards can be very satisfying. Although, a paralegal can provide legal advises to clients he cannot act as a lawyer. Paralegals are not bound with pressure on any particular case compared to a lawyer.