A Guide to Using Language Flash Cards

What is a flash card?

A flash card is an educational device employed to help pupils take on board, often complex concepts, in a simple to recall, almost subliminal, ‘flash’ of information.

In its simplest form, a card may have two sides, one side may present the question, ‘what is the capital city of England?’

The answer on the flip side, will not simply be London; the answer itself can be turned into a question ‘London is the capital of which country?’

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What are language flash cards?

Language flash cards work in much the same way, designed to engage the student and to reinforce and simplify the learning process. Learning a new language can be an intimidating challenge; with flash cards it can suddenly become a feast of family entertainment and achievement.

  • Remember, we are talking about actual, not virtual, hold in the hand, cards! They can be touched and handed around; in essence, an easily shared, tactile, learning tool. A welcome tactile diversion from that computer screen.

However, digital technology cannot be denied or ignored. Most language flash card kits will contain digital online elements to help develop and personalise your learning experience.

What’s more, language flash cards, have now evolved into, almost, works of art; beautifully presented, colourful, much more innovative, interactive and captivating.

Opportunity knocks!

Language flash cards have made learning much more appealing to a much larger audience. The implications of learning a new language should not be underestimated.

We live in a very small world driven by communication. Learning a second language could really open doors in later life for your children. Wouldn’t you like to learn French, Spanish, German or Arabic yourself? Maybe a brush up on your English wouldn’t go amiss?

WordUnited produce a range of wonderfully vibrant flash card language courses; designed for children and adults; from early stage learning onward.

Language learning courses specifically for children

Children are arguably the most significant beneficiaries of flash card courses. Simply because, the cards are not intimidating, they just look like fun! And why shouldn’t learning be fun?

Much of language flash cards’ success can be attributed, directly, to the experience, expertise and developments made by the WoldUnited online company.


WordUnited’s early learning language kits come with an abundance of thought provoking, engaging, fun activities; the package includes reward stickers, pens erasures etc.

Flash cards can be written and erased; meaning they’re reusable, leaving room for invention and personalisation. Through shapes, colours and activities, children are encouraged to write, talk and play whilst learning a complex language.

The WordUnited website is well presented, easily navigated and packed with examples and information. Product availability and prices are clearly defined. It’ll cost a lot less than you think.

Staff are helpful and knowledgeable, you can telephone or email for further information.

Click WordUnited for a tour. You’ll be impressed, enlightened and positively inspired.