A Guide to Student Living in Sheffield, England

Moving out on your own to start the next phase of your life can be both exciting, and a little terrifying. You’re leaving everything you’ve ever known to start anew in a completely unfamiliar place. It doesn’t have to be scary though. In fact, it can be a whole lot of fun! Find out a little more about what your experience would be like living in Sheffield, England with this helpful guide.

High-Quality Accommodations

The last thing you want to do is leave the comforts of your parent’s beautiful home to go live somewhere that isn’t even close to being as pleasant. That’s not something that you’ll have to worry about here. You will enjoy an outstanding environment with professional and friendly services from our staff all along the way.

The location is guaranteed to meet your standards when it comes to living conditions with its superior construction suitable for your needs as a student.

Expect your rooms to be spacious, well furnished, and in the perfect location so that you can easily get to whatever buildings you need to each day. The bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas are modern and there is plenty of room to put all of your belongings.

Staff to Service You

The staff for Sheffield’s various properties is always working to ensure you get the most out of your living experience. If something goes wrong, they are quick to show up and take care of the problem right away. You need to spend your time focusing on earning your degree, not trying to repair a leaky faucet. All you have to do is give them a shout and they will be there in a hurry to help you.

Variety of Options

You may want to live with your friends, or perhaps you’re looking to make some new ones. Whatever the case may be, there is a property available for you in the student living community. There are homes that house seven people or apartments with three bedrooms. If you’re someone that would rather live alone, explore the one bedroom studios scattered throughout the area.

You can decide what is going to work best for you over the course of your stay based on what’s going to make your living experience the most enjoyable, and what fits your budget. There are properties spread throughout the region if you have a preference as to which specific location you want to be in as well.

Get the Most for Your Money

As a struggling college student, you most likely don’t have a lot of extra money laying around to pay for housing. Even though Sheffield is so large, it is also one of the cheapest places to house yourself while you’re going to school. In fact, it was included on the list for the 10 most affordable university cities in all of the UK.

You won’t have to dump all of your money into your apartment, condo, or studio and be left with nothing left to spend. Get your classes paid for, your books purchased, and still have a little bit of cash left over to go out and have some fun. Your grades and excelling in your major are your primary focus. There is no reason to have to stress about having enough money to survive too. You will have plenty of time to worry about that after you graduate and move on to adulthood.

In the Right Place

Sheffield is the third largest city in all of England, so you can bet that there’s plenty to do. There are somewhere near 60,000 students alone roaming around the community, so that means that there is plenty for you to do when you aren’t hitting the books. Living in the student area, you are going to be centrally located to just about everything you would ever want or need to do while you’re staying here.

There are clubs, shops, places to grab a bit to eat, along with student-friendly bars for when you’re ready to take a break and explore the nightlife a little bit. If you would rather spend some time outdoors when you aren’t studying, you can visit the Peak District National Park. You and your friends can jump on a bus and be there in no time for a full day of exploration and relaxation.

Festivals and Arts

Did you know that there are 70 gig venues located around Sheffield’s student living areas? It’s an underground music, culture, and art lover’s dream come true. You can also visit any of the festivals, comedy shows, or film events that take place all throughout the year.

You May Want to Stay

You might enjoy this area so much, you could end up like some of the former students and just relocate to the area permanently after graduation. There are so many benefits to living in this region, it may be too hard to leave!


Author Bio – This guest article is a work of Joe Parkinson in support of Capland Properties specializing in providing student accommodation in Sheffield.