5 Things to Avoid Including in MBA Letter of Intent to Succeed

An MBA letter of intent is a sort of bait that lures all students, either to their success or their definite failure.  As such, it is critical that you get it right. However, getting it right does not just occur; it requires a particular level of skill.

The MBA letter of intent is like a piece of drawing that requires mastery to pull off successfully. It is therefore not strange to see individuals seeking extra help with their letter of intent for MBA. It could be regarded in part as an achievement essay, as it highlights what you got.

What to include in an achievement essay?

There is always a sort of reluctance among people to state all their achievements at once. At times, people feel their results are too small to be regarded as such. Therefore, it becomes a problem to state your success without a doubt.

In your achievements section, do not be afraid to state what you consider to be a success. Remember that it is personalized, and as such, what you write to speak to who you are as an individual. You will be surprised how the panel upholds your small wins.

You should, however, be careful to state those that relate to the issue at hand.

Alternatives to writing your MBA letter of intent

Not everyone feels capable of successfully coming up with the perfect essay. There is a simple alternative for them. You could always seek help from sites that offer these services; of course, you will part with a few coins, or if you are lucky, you may get the service for free.

The only disadvantage with these alternatives is that you lose the personal touch in your work. However, you are assured of success if you visit the right sites.

Things to avoid in your MBA letter of intent

Writing the piece is not a straightforward affair, and if not careful, you will find yourself failing to succeed. It is like a maze, one wrong step, and you will lose your way. Avoid the following to ensure you come up with an excellent piece:

  1. Copying information directly from your resume

There is always a temptation to copy information from one document to the other. You could argue that it saves time and energy, given that they talk about the same individual. However, it’s best if you avoid this at all costs.

Personalize your piece and ensure that it expounds on what is in the resume.

  1. Irrelevant stories

Ensure that all the stories you include in the essay are relevant to the guidelines. Whether you think a story is interesting or not, if it is not appropriate, do not add it. Watering down your paper won’t impress the panelists.

  1. Forgetting to include your input to the institution

You are requesting a chance to attend the institution. Therefore, ensure that you show the panelists exactly why you would be a useful addition. Many individuals fail to include the exact input they bring into the institution and focus on their strengths.

  1. General statements

They make your article boring. Do not forget that you are not the only applicant. Therefore, it disastrous if your work is tedious. Be specific and state facts as they are. Do not meander around before coming to the actual point to put across.

  1. Dwelling on the negatives

Do not spend many words trying to explain the wrong side. Instead, spend most of the words convincing the panelists why you are the right candidate. You are pitching yourself and not defending yourself.

Final take on MBA letter of intent writing

It takes time to be good at writing it, but with the right assistance, the load becomes lighter.