4 Reasons Why People Want to Become a Chartered Accountant

Accountants have a diverse set of responsibilities. These responsibilities enable them to explore different fields. For example, an accountant can choose independence and provide services to several companies. Or, they can seek employment at a business that wants to hire their full-time services. For those seeking greater ambitions, they can take a chartered accountant course and receive certification.

But is there any use to receiving a chartered accountant certificate? The road to becoming one isn’t easy. You might need to fulfil many difficult requirements such as taking ICAEW modules or have to undergo years of training. Even then, many accountants are inspired to go further.

Looking for a few great reasons to become one? Here are some reasons.

1. It can serve as a foundation for your career.

Chartered accountants learn skills and lessons like taxation, business law, and so much more. The scope and breadth of your training will be much wider than if you decided not to become a chartered accountant. You’ll be much more capable than those who choose not to undergo this training.

2. Gain access to tons of resources.

When you join an organisation such as the ICAEW, you’ll be able to access tons of resources they provide to their members. A lot of accountants join these organisations to hone and sharpen their skills.

3. You’ll be valued and known for integrity and skill.

Those who receive their accounting certification are known as the cream of the crop. You’ll be able to see more opportunities present themselves to you.

4. Get a global qualification.

As a chartered accountant, you now have a global qualification that marks you as a world-class professional.

ICAEW Singapore is an international organisation with over 180,000 members and growing. They are a professional institution that promotes chartered accountants around the world. Reach out to them to know more about ICAEW ACA and other important details about becoming a chartered accountant