Youth Development Programs Offered by Youth Life Excellence

Academic skills are not the only thing a teenager needs to succeed in life. Then the question arises – what else is necessary and how can it be cultivated? Bob Berry – founder and developer of the Youth Life Excellence Virtual Academy and the youth development learning systems strongly believes that Personal Excellence, Independent Living, Social Skills, General Life Skills, Money Management, Financial Literacy, Teamwork Skills, Leadership, Decision Making, Better Communication, Conflict Resolution, and Problem Solving are some of the other skills that our youth must have. He and his partners committed to developing and providing the best lifeskills curriculum, assessments, and technology for you and your teens. Not only that his academy also offers free Life Course and eBook on youth development. Listed below are highlights of youth development programs offered by bob berry.

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  • General Life Success Training – It is an in-depth life skill, independent living, and motivational curriculum for young people. The focus is independent living for teens, through simulation of a number of real world factors.
  • Job Readiness, Workplace Success – This section guides teenager through preparing for a new job search, and how to achieve success on workplace. The course includes 10 hours of instruction which emphasis on job readiness, and stresses the importance of planning and motivation in winning a job offer.
  • Financial Literacy and Money Skills – It is a money management and teen financial literacy course that covers many aspects of consumer math. It guides teens to explore banking, checks, checking accounts, and learning to live within their means.  
  • Interpersonal and Social Skills – The purpose of this course is to help teenagers learn key social skills and help them understand who they are and how they present themselves in the world. Activities constructively pretend many real-world social situations, so teenagers can learn and practice new skills and get quick support and feedback.