Why Schools Need Good Playgrounds

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One of the most neglected facilities in schools is the playground. For some, they don’t necessarily view this as a priority. It’s merely a minor detail in the overall educational system. As a result, playground equipment for schools is not given enough attention. However, if you try to imagine an elementary school without a playground, it seems rather bizarre.

Playground As Refuge

A playground is a space embedded with meaning and various equipment that serves as a refuge for younger students with a short attention span. Multiple studies have been conducted by play experts explaining how lack of safe open space is not the issue, but the misconceptions about the playground itself.

Philosophers and experts who specialize in child development highlight the importance of play time for the young. If you are a parent and you ask your child what they did in school, you will get a retelling of what happened during play time. It is important to remember that education does not only occur in the four walls of the classroom. Outdoor play provides excellent ways for a child to learn, develop, and grow.

Help Kids Healthy

It was the American Academy of Pediatrics and Scientific American who published several studies that prove how children with no access to any playtime are at a higher risk of suffering from obesity, diabetes, anxiety, asthma, and depression. It was also discovered how playtime have severely decreased in today’s technological era.

The existence of playgrounds in elementary schools is at risk. However, it is important to remember that it can provide a lifestyle for the younger students. They are presented with a routine that will prevent them from getting bored or distracted easily. Furthermore, playing can increase their productivity and learning capabilities.

Keeping The Brain And Body Active

The playground is such a welcoming sight for younger students. Their short attention spans can be remedied by providing them with variety. Playgrounds are a place where their brain and body can remain active. It is more than space where children play, it is also a place imbued with learning components.

With that in mind, it is important for school administrators to prioritize playground equipment for their schools. If they want to improve the learning experience of their younger students in school, playgrounds are a great way to teach them things that are not tackled in the classroom.

Nourish Creativity

With the existence of a safe school playground, students can expand their creativity, appreciate diversity among others, master new skills, gain independence, and develop empathy. Younger students can practice their social skills in a playground, skills needed to survive in the real world. They get to master problem-solving skills, learn to take turns, value friendships by compromising, and they can develop coordination and balance.

Some of the equipment needed for a school playground to be memorable are slides, swings, sandboxes, monkey bars, play tunnels, climbing frames, see-saws, open grassy spaces, trees and flowers, and areas for ball games and other competitive sports. According to the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities, aside from the equipment, safety must also be ensured in a school playground, along with accessibility and maintenance.
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