Why people are shifting to online studying?

The traditional based learning system is quite dull. It serves the primary purpose of teaching students something but this something might not be fruitful for them in the future. You could think of it as an ocean.

The education is the ocean and the learning outcomes are the fishes. The problem is you are expected to catch all the fishes from the ocean. Possible? Maybe. Practical? No. Why would you want to have a system where you are expected to do everything that has already been set? After all most of what has been taught would go to waste. It would be rare that everything that has been taught would be of 100 percent of use.

The education system is built in this way. It is more of a pushdown everything and hope for a positive outcome kind of a system. Well, this is not exactly all that bad because you would never know when the subject that you thought was completely useless turns out to be a lifesaver. But a problem with this statement is that the probability of it happening is quite low. Rare is the case that you would be using some foreign subject to save the day.

What is the modern approach to education?

A good solution to this would be a modular approach to education. This is a very old concept. Before understanding what this actually means first you need to have an idea of what modular approach is. Imagine that you are given a problem.

Your task is to come up with a solution to this problem. The first sensible thing that you could do is break the problem down into small modules. Once that you do that it becomes easier to tackle. Basically, when you would break the problem down into bits, you could resolve something one at a time and then finally the whole problem is solved bits by bits. It is really a good approach when you are tackling down a big problem.

Now a similar concept could be applied to the education system. The present traditional approach would make sure that the existing problem is solved at once. Everything is expected to be completed in a single go. This is possible but not very fruitful. So, we could use the competency-based education system here.

Why is online studying below?

The thing with the competency-based education system is that the courses are taught in modules. As in the offered courses are not taught in a bulk. The courses are broken down into modules and taught. Only when this one module is completed the student would move into the other module. Like this small modules would make up for the whole course.

Like when you are solving a problem you could skip modules as well for competency-based learning. You know that you cannot go to the next module if you have not passed the present module but if you are able to show your mastery in a particular module you could skip without any hassles. Say like the problem that was mentioned earlier, you break your problem down to smaller units. If you are sure about the solution of a particular unit of the problem why would you invest unnecessary time on it?

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  • It is Very Flexible

The problem that many students face with the current education system is that it is not very flexible. Flexible in a sense students are not able to control the flow of their invested education. They are paying for the education but the education system is controlling them. This is not the case for competency-based education. Here, the student is able to choose his/her timetable. There are no hectic time schedules. Also, as discussed earlier, the students can skip and enter a new program provided that they present a previous experience credit.

  • Relatively Cheaper

This point is very self-evident.  When things are divided into smaller modules you would not have to invest your time and money learning the whole thing. You would be able to skip modules and this would save a lot of money. Competency-based education would make sure that you are investing in the right course and not everything. This makes the thing work out very effectively and cost efficiently. There are many people living with a student loan debt. The education system after high school demands a lot of money and education program like this enables a hard-working student to pursue his/her dreams.

  • Practical Approach

Since it is a modular based education program the thing is that it is very job oriented. So, the main focus of this education style is to get you into a job. Now, since we are taking a more job-based approach, education becomes more practical. Here, the classes are mostly focused on the things that are happening in the current world. This makes the modules more relevant and more interesting. Unlike the present traditional education based system where a more theoretical approach is taken, here a more practical one is utilized.

The thing about the theoretical based approach is that it is not preparing you for the jobs directly but adding extra knowledge. Some might find this really helpful while others do not. Most of the people that are studying right now would land in a job itself. So, here the competency-based education questioned everything. If you are to do a job why not prepare practically only for the field that you are interested in and do not actually care about the subjects that do not matter.

The new form of studying not only gives you a degree but allows you to do a lot more. You don’t have to spend time or shed a lot of money to get a college degree. There are no fixed classroom hours and you can choose your own timings to study. Try out this method to do much more than just studying.