The tension that a child or a young person can suffer in their educational environment comes from different causes.

For parents who demand more of what they can give or negotiate academic rewards for some recognition. Regarding the role of parents, it is stated that many times they repeat to their children, ad nausea: “study, study, and if not, treat them with rigor and criticism. But they do not worry about knowing what is preventing them, what difficulties they have”

Another factor causing difficulties, especially in young people, is the violent treatment of some teachers. Several student cases, he mentions the case of a university student who stammered when making an exhibition, and the professor, instead of helping him, made fun of him. The boy assaulted him and injured his arm. “The young man was going to be expelled from the institution, but his companions went out in his favor and told what happened.”

There are also the teasing of classmates, emotional problems, learning difficulties, doubts about the vocation in that career, excessive schedules in student practices, among others. In addition, we must bear in mind that students are also children, brothers, friends, and that “they may feel they have no time to respond in all the dimensions of their lives”

Techniques for the management of academic stress

  • Positive attitude

A positive attitude can be the key to carry out the above techniques and deal with stress in a general way. It is known that our mental predisposition, our intentions take us the direction we want to address. That is, if we have a positive attitude that we will leave stressful situations, humor gives us a situation of control and frees us from negative and unpleasant emotions.

  • Time management

The mismanagement of time can generate the feeling of being overwhelmed by demands, causing fatigue or apathy as well as the feeling of not being productive, this happens when students perceive excessive study material in such a short time. You can start with registering for a week what you do in the day to day, how much time you dedicate to the study and tasks. You must take into consideration that as a student, in addition to the school, there are demands from families and other social spheres, to which you must learn to delegate responsibilities and ask for help

  • Establish objectives and priorities

Despite implementing time management to avoid feeling overwhelmed with regard to the task load which will be very useful, you must be realistic and aware of your possibilities as well as your limitations, that is, you must take into account the schedule post, that the day only has 24 hours and this is divided into hours of sleep, school hours, hours of recreation and in less space to school activity. It is important to establish priorities and recognize that some things cannot be done at this time, prioritizing is a skill that you must apply in conjunction with time management.

  • Sleeping more

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