Types and Plans of ESL Lesson Plans

It is well-known fact that regardless of the knowledge, experience, and training every teacher needs to have a properly prepared lesson plan so that they can teach their students in an efficient way. Preparing an ESL lesson plan also helps in outlining the complete teaching stuff. So, it is highly recommended for every ESL teachers to prepare their daily basis lesson plans for better results. A better lesson also helps the teacher to know how the teaching session will proceed and what all changes need to do in the plan to make it easy for the students to grasp the concept.

Types of ESL Lesson Plans

Actually, the type of lesson plan completely depends on the tutor and the kind of teaching style followed by the tutor or if there are any specifications decided by the institution. Most of the institutions have their specific formats on how to teach English lesson plans. However, below are some of the basic and common approaches to teaching used by most of the educators.

  • Presentation, Practice, and Production (PPP)

Most of the ESL tutors follow this method and most of the institutions that are into the concept of how to teach English abroad also prefer the same format. Most of the educators believe that PPP is the father of all other latest approaches.

PPP involves tutor explaining the concepts through the presentation that will help the students to understand the subject, then it includes practice that will involve both students and teacher and the last phase will be the production that is completely student-centric.

  • Test, Teach, and Test (TTT)

This is the other method approached by the educators who are in the line of teaching a business writing course. This is more of an interactive method of teaching where students are initially assessed about their existing knowledge. Once the assessment is over, then the required approach is planned and the problematic section of the student is discussed. At last, the teacher again assesses the concepts grasped by the students.

  • Task-Based Approach (TBA)

TBA is considered as the best method for teaching English as a second language out of PPP and TTT methods. In this method, the educator does not do any kind of assessment at the initial stage and provides a task to the students to be completed and based on the performance on that task the assessment is done. This method has many advantages as students are exposed to the real-time task helping them to learn things faster.

All the approaches of ESL lesson plans are strong and they support their purpose. Each type can be adapted by the educators depending upon the situations and students.