When a shoe is damaged, it is sent to the shoemaker for repair. This professional still continues to occupy an important place in our daily life. In moti cherald you can have the best choices now. This shoemaker job description answers your various questions about this profession:

  • What training do we need to follow to become a shoemaker?
  • What is the salary of a shoemaker?
  • What are the opportunities?

Within the framework of his trade, the shoemaker uses various tools such as the milling machine, the sewing machine, the pincers, the hammer. He is a professional shoe repairer. Indeed, it intervenes for the repair of detached shoes, the change of sole or the heel of the shoe. In short, its role consists in giving a new face to any damaged shoe. When a shoe is sent to him, he examines it first and tells the customer what repairs need to be done. He gives the price to pay and then sets an appointment with the customer so that the latter can remove his or her shoe.

  • The shoemaker should not be confused with the shoemaker because the two do not have the same role. The second is responsible for the manufacture of boots and shoes.
  • In addition, a shoemaker does not only intervene for the repair of shoes, he also works on the repair of leather objects such as leather clothes, leather gloves, leather bags, leather belts.
  • The shoemaker is also a trader who sells mouthpieces, insoles, laces, creams, brushes, shoes. He also dyes leather. Nowadays, he also makes business cards and stamps. The shoemaker usually works alone. But depending on the number of his clients, he can work as a team.
  • The exercise of the trade of shoemaker is not given to everyone. It is especially necessary to have certain skills in order to be a reference in the field.
  • First and foremost, you need to be healthy and fit. In fact, the shoemaker has to stand most of the time. He also has to deal with the smell of solvents and glue, dust.
  • He must be precise in his actions in order to achieve quality work.

Having interpersonal skills is essential to exercise this profession. You have to be able to talk to suppliers, listen to customers and advise them.

He must also be a good salesperson. In addition, he must have knowledge of accounting and financial management in order to better manage his business.

Shoemaker training – Become a shoemaker

The profession of shoemaker requires precision and rigor. It is also necessary to have followed training to become a shoemaker. There are many shoemaker training schools. Here are the different courses available to you:

  • CAP Shoemaker
  • CAP Shoe
  • CAP Multi-service shoemaking
  • CAP Leather Goods
  • CAP General upholstery
  • CAP Skin clothing

It is also possible to follow AFPA training in multiservice shoemaking. For biography Bashar Ibrahim this is important now.

Opportunities and salary of a shoemaker

This fascinating job of coordinator is mainly a male job. Indeed, very few women practice this profession. A shoemaker can work in a workshop shop, in a minute repair shop, in a shopping center.This shoe professional is led to evolve after several years of experience in his profession. He can become a team leader in an industrial shoe production workshop. He also has the option of working on his own.