Things You Need To Know About CU TEP

The CU TEP exam is for undergraduate university students who want to pursue their career in studying at Chulalongkorn University’s Program in English and International Studies. If you are preparing for CU TEP, then here are a few things you need to know about how to study CU TEP (เรียน sat ที่ไหน ดี, which is the term in Thai) and what you need to prepare to pass the test.

What is CU-TEP Exam?

The CU-TEP is the text for English Proficiency for undergraduate students who want to pursue their career in higher education in English at Chulalongkorn University and international studies. You need to be at least upper Intermediate to apply for the test. The test is used for both undergraduate and graduate admissions.  The test aims to measure your ability in listening, reading, and writing in English, so that you can use English Proficiently for Academic Purposes.

What does the CU-TEP test consist of?

The CU-TEP test consists of reading, listening, and writing test total of 120 marks. Students should at least score 60 marks to pass the test so that they can take admission in Chulalongkorn University program.

Reading Section

It consists of 6 to 7 passages and related questions. Most of the passages are seen passages that means they are from the undergraduate university textbooks. However, there is no need for prior knowledge to perform well in a test or score good marks. All the answers are about the vocabulary, functions, ideas, inferences, sentences insertion and restatements, etc. The reading section has a total of 70 minutes to complete the test. Reading section consists of 60 marks.

Listening Section

Listening section consists of fifteen long passages and related questions. The questions in this section are also about function, stance, inference, and ideas, etc. Listening section has approx 30 minutes to complete the test and consist of 30 marks.

Writing Section

The Writing section is also known as error identification because it consists of 30 error identification questions. The questions are designed to test your grammatical knowledge and vocabulary. There are questions like choose a phrase, or a word, from the multiple choice. The writing section has a total of 30 minutes for the test. The writing section carries a total of 30 marks.

There are lots of online tutorials and practice test available online. Take the practice to get the idea of CU TEP exam, and get to know which topics you need to concentrate so that you can perform well in the CU TEP test.