The youth potential of India and how to steer it the right way?

India is one of the major countries with maximum youth potential. By 2020 the population of youth is estimated to be at close to 35% of the total population of the country. This is one of the major advantages that India is going to have when entering into the 3rd decade of the 21st century. But with this major boon, there are also some clouds of worry that is overcasting the Indian economies and industries. With the increase in the population of youth in India, it is also evident that the economy of the country is stagnating so is the employment sector that leaves a great percentage of this youth population with no means to earn money. However, in India, there are remains some sectors where the employment potential has not been discovered completely like; for example, you can take the example of Data analysis.

The sector that can act as a solution to India’s unemployment problem

Data science or data analysis is nothing but the mining of hidden insights mainly to determine trends, behavior, and interpretations mainly. According to reports around 2.3 lakh, job vacancies will be there to be filled in data science and analysis by 2021. And as you all know, it is Hyderabad that is regarded as the UT capital of India. There are loads of MNCs waiting to hear data analysts for their business to expand and tapper the uncharted territory of the Indian market. But there are only a few institutes that provide reliable and legit scopes to enter into the MNC companies. ExcelR is one of the leading institutes that offer Data Science Course in Hyderabad with a dedicated placement cell to guarantee placement on passing data analyst’s exam.

Data Science Course in Hyderabad by ExcelR

ExcelR is teaming up with Tata consultancy services, and University of Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has launched a course on data analysis and data science. The course is guided by professionals and professors from IIMS, IITS and India’s topmost universities with at least 25 years or more in teaching experience. They guide you with the syllabus of an online exam and all they will help you with your projects, and after completing the course, you are to take up an online exam by passing which you will be able to get placement. ExcelR, the leading Data Science Training Institute in Hyderabad, also offers a jumbo pass offer under which you can attend as many batches as you like for a period of 365 days. ExcelR has its placement cell, so you need not worry about it. The only thing you need to do is to follow the guidance of the mentors from ExcelR.