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Over the years, science has become a really significant part of our lives. From biology to aeronautics, everything has science in it, only its weightage varies. So it’s not a surprise that this field has entered the world of data and technology too. You see technology everywhere from an elevator to a hearing aid. How do you think the scientists managed to make such amazing innovations in technology? The answer is through data science.

What’s data science?

It’s a multidisciplinary field of science which focuses on how data is made, how it is processed and how we can use it more intelligently for ourselves. It uses a combination of algorithms, methodologies and data analysis to understand the science behind the data. Moreover, it’s not just one subject, but a subject which requires prerequisite knowledge in mathematics, statistics, computer science, machine learning and programming languages. 

Why is it such a hot topic?

You’d be surprised to know that almost every technology feature or uses data science in one way or the other. You will find it in your home’s fire alarm system to a hospital’s EEG machine. To state a few, they are used in:

  • Internet search engines: which record the data produced by people using the internet. After recording a substantial amount of data, they organize it in a way that the next time you surf the net, the sites you prefer are given the priority. They also utilize this data to calculate statistics about the number of people using the internet.
  • Medical Department: where the data is used to record the probability of a certain disease in the population. There are high tech machines like electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, medical image analysis machines and so much more that have helped doctors and surgeons tremendously in saving the lives of people. Not only this, this field has played a big role in virtual assistance for patients, drug development, etc.
  • Media industry: where advertisements make a big promotional help to the people. Ever wondered about how the internet shows you recommendations to you which you end up appreciating almost every time? They also observe the audience for a particular area and only target them instead of the entire people who use the internet.
  • Pattern recognition: We all have heard about Siri and Alexa. How do they work? It is all with the help of data science. They use voice recognition and improvise by applying machine learning algorithms on the data recorded. The same thing happens in image recognition too. This particular field has really boosted the impact of social media as well!

These are just few of the many applications data science has and, interestingly enough, they in themselves are such vast areas that each one can be divided into different sub-areas. Now, do you still wonder the impact data science has made on our lives? Besides this, data science is highly recommended to people who are interested in learning artificial intelligence and robotics, since it plays quite an important role as a base for these high tech fields. 


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