The Knowledge of Card Music Chip

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A card music chip is a relatively simple voice circuit. It can produce a variety of musical signals through the internal oscillating circuit and the small discrete components. The music chip is an important branch of the voice integrated circuit. It is widely used in music electronic greeting cards, electronic toys, music candles, electronic clocks, and electronic doorbell. Home appliances and other occasions.

 The card music chip is composed of the following parts. The address counter (used to specify the PC pointer (program counter) in ROM, triggering the counter after the end of the current frequency output delay and switching to the next frequency output and delay, and it will be clear zero after the music is finished. In addition, there is the Note meter memory ROM, which is used for storing music frequency and delay data. The frequency generator is used to generate the square wave oscillating output of the specified frequency. If the output cannot be stopped, the ultrasonic wave can be directly output. The delay counter is used to control how long the frequency is output, which is reduced by 1 every 1 milliseconds. When it is reduced to 0, it triggers the PC counter plus 1, and reads the next beat from ROM.

 OK, the above is some knowledge about the card music chip.

Usually we see the recordable sound chips for cards are basically bought from the store, there is no fresh sense nor special feelings. If we want to make our own cards, and we can only paint and write, which is too monotonous. So what’s the difference for today’s card making? Come into the course!

 Take a Christmas tree as an example, Mr. Qiu told children a few techniques for making a paper card and made a more intuitive understanding of the techniques. Since it is making music card, how can the music chips be short? Mr. Ding gave the children a chip installed batteries, and instruct children to put chips into greeting cards. Mr. Ding also brought scissors, glue, cardboard and other materials to children. Children began to make their own work according to their thinking of the card music chip.

 Time was always passing quickly, and the course was coming to an end. However, some children have not made their own satisfactory works. But teachers always believe that even if the work is not finished, the children will certainly gain something. In the future, they will surely make more satisfactory works under the class.

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