The history of funerals that you must know

Funeral ceremonies are as old as the human itself. Funerals are the final good bye that we bid to our relatives or family members when they expire. The funeral itself has a very long history just as human culture. The human culture has changed a lot in the past few years and so as the funeral tradition. Huntsville funeral home provides you with multiple traditions using which you can host the funerals of your loved ones. Mentioned below is the history of funerals that have taken place in human culture.

First burial site of Neanderthal man: Recently the first burial site was discovered at Shanidar cave in Iraq. It is said that the burial site is 60,000 years old. In that burial site nine of the Neanderthal skeletons were found along with the remains of contaminated flowers which means in ancient Neanderthal rituals human funerals were done by decorating them with flowers.

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Urns became popular: In China, there are more than 700 burial urns discovered which are made available in more than 50 varieties. It is said that these urns are used mostly with the children as well as with the adults. The time was said around 7000 BC.

Mummifying the bodies: Mummies are very popular in Egypt. Around 3400 BC, mummification has been practiced in most parts of the Egypt. The Egyptian mummies were naturally created by the environment of the Egypt when they were buried. Since then mummification became popular with Egyptian culture.

First Mausoleum was built: Somewhere around 353 BC, the first Mausoleum of the world was constructed for the Carian ruler Mausolus. The construction of this building began before the death of the ruler and later it was finished by his wife.

Sati funeral rituals: Sati funeral was first practiced in Asia somewhere around 5th century. This funeral was first practiced by a widow named Sati who committed suicide in the fire typically upon her husband’s funeral.