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According to some recent studies, one of the leading causes of unintentional injury deaths among children in Canada is drowning. These studies also revealed that enrolling for swimming lessons can help to reduce incidents of drowning among the young ones and ultimately save lives. Furthermore, swimming programs have the potential to improve children’s physical and mental well-being. As populations continue to expand and increasingly reside in areas with swimming pools and near large water bodies, the demand for swimming lessons continues to increase. While swimming programs are widely available across the country, it is important to choose a swimming program from a reputable institution.

If you reside in the Toronto area, Felix’s Swim Schools swimming lessons would be a wise choice for your child. Here are some of tips on how to choose a school and some of the benefits you get to enjoy from swimming lessons.

How to Choose a Swim School that is Right for You

It is always advisable to ask for recommendations on the best swim schools from some friends, family, or work colleagues from the local area. In most cases, if the general talk about a certain swim school is positive, it is a good sign. Nonetheless, there are more serious and more formal factors that you have to consider when looking for a trustworthy swimming school.

To begin with, the school must be certified or accredited by the relevant authorities in Toronto. For instance, Felix’s Swim Schools’ swimming classes Toronto are properly certified and accredited by the state. This shows that the swimming lessons offered meet the highest standards and are offered by trained, qualified and certified instructors. Felix’s Swim Schools’ swimming lessons Toronto have been offered to residents since 1983, a sign that its teachers are highly experienced.

The other important factor to consider is the hygiene and safety of the facility that is offering the swimming lessons. The facility must have clean amenities like bathrooms, and changing rooms. Additionally, it should have appropriate signage for safety as well as other safety and protective amenities. Lastly, you should ensure that the facility has a way of contacting the parents of the registered children at any time.

What Benefits do You Get from Swimming Lessons?

Perhaps the most important and obvious benefit from swimming classes is that it helps to improve swimming ability and ultimately prevent death or injury from drowning, especially among young children. Besides this, swimming helps to strengthen joints and muscles. Thirdly, it helps to build the capacity of the lungs, which is especially beneficial for asthma sufferers. Additionally, it helps to build muscle tone in those with a low muscle tone and improves coordination. Lastly, swimming helps to improve balance and spatial awareness.

In a nutshell, Felix’s Swim Schools’ swimming classes swim school offers an exciting opportunity for parents who are passionate about water safety and ensuring their young children are in better mental and physical health. In case you don’t have any swimming school in your local area, you can interact online with swimming instructors/trainers and other parents to deliberate on different aspects of your kid’s swimming journey at Toronto swimming.