Some Misconceptions You Should Avoid While Buying Generic Cartridges

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People are confused when it comes to cartridges. They think that what the manufacturer says are correct, but don’t understand that a manufacturer doesn’t really make a profit by selling printer, rather they earn huge profits by selling their cartridges. That is why they want their printer to reach in our home and sell it at a very low price. So, as an intelligent buyer, you should avoid the misconceptions the manufacturer spread in the market, and they really did a great job.

Misconception: Quality is Poor

Many people believe this misconception that generic ink cartridges are made with low standard inks. The trust is that there’s no difference between the quality of inks in branded or generic ones. If you have bought a cartridge of Canon PGI 250 XL cartridge, one branded one and one from a reputed generic firm; both are going to work same. The print quality of the text, as well as print quality of photos, are going to look exactly the same, and there’s no way one can know the difference. The only difference is that generic ink cartridges will fade of fast under direct UV light.

Failure of Compatible Inks is Higher

No doubt there are low-grade ink cartridges are being used as generic inks, and it’s because there is a long list of makers of generic inks, and a few among them are of low quality. But reputed generic ink cartridges, such as PGI 250 ink cartridges from InkClub, and other such reputed companies, are of the same quality of branded ink cartridges. They have no failure rate.

The printhead will Get Blocked with Generic Ink

Again, this will depend on from whom you are purchasing your ink cartridges. If you are buying from a reputed company, you don’t have to worry about the cheap and poor-quality ink that clogs the nozzles of the printer faster compared to a quality ink will do.

What happens is that as the poor-quality nozzles become clogged as they are very thin even thinner than a human hair and therefore ending your printouts like lines in between them or nothing at all.

As Generic Inks are Cheap, They Cannot be Good

The fact is that the branded company who manufactures the printer makes the ink. The difference between generic and branded ink cartridges is that genuine cartridges are made up of oil; whereas, generic ink is water-based. But with the help of the dyes and pigments, they can display the same colors as by genuine ones.