Shared Student Accommodation in Newcastle

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What’s the best way to save money as a student? Forget only buying budget baked beans, or limiting yourself to one night out every term. If you’re serious about boosting your bank balance, you should start with your biggest outgoing expense- and in most cases, that’s likely to be your rent. Instead of renting a whole house to yourself, and having to bear the full brunt of the rent, plenty of students choose shared student accommodation. By splitting the rent between you, you can get a roof over your head for a much lower price- meaning you’ll have more money to spend on enjoying your time at uni!

From as little as £65 per person per week, you could move into fresh student accommodation that has everything you need. You’ll each have your own bedroom, often with a lockable door, so you’re guaranteed some personal space when you need it- perfect for when you’re cramming for an exam while your housemates are getting ready to go out clubbing. Modern, refurbished kitchens and bathrooms also come as standard, so you don’t have to worry about living in a cheap and nasty flat with mold growing up the bathroom wall!

Moving out of halls and into your own place is a scary experience for many students. It’s a valuable stepping stone on the way to adult life, but it’s still a big change from what many people are used to. Shared student accommodation is a great choice because you’re not going through it alone- you and your housemates are all in the same boat, and you’ll be able to adapt much quicker when there’s a big group of you all pulling together. You’ll find that this whole “adulting” thing isn’t quite as tricky as you might have thought when you’re all together!

Another advantage of shared student accommodation is that it helps you to bond with your housemates, and make friends that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to move into shared accommodation with your existing group of friends, or if you’re moving in with people who you are only just meeting for the first time, shared accommodation is a great way of forging strong relationships. When you’re living together in a house, you’ll see each other all the time, so there’s plenty of opportunities to have a chat over a brew and discuss any problems you might be having. Your time at uni can be stressful, so having people all around you to talk to can make a huge difference when you need a hand with anything.

There’s plenty of shared student accommodation in Newcastle that’s located right by both the universities, so you don’t have to worry about making a lengthy commute to your morning lectures. For instance, Findspace has properties in the perfect locations, and unlike many landlords, they don’t ask for any rent upfront. Whoever you choose to rent from, you’ll find that shared accommodation is a lot friendlier than you might think- after all, with a service that’s entirely catered around students’ needs, you’re always well looked after if you run into any problems.

So, if you’re moving out of halls and want the best accommodation around, then definitely consider shared student accommodation. It’s cheap, but that doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality. You still get a spacious, modern place to live, but at a price that helps your student loan go that much further- result!