Reasons to Choose Engineering After Class 12


Class 12 is an important phase in a student’s life. At this stage, career-related decisions are made by the students. From the plethora of career options, engineering is one of the most sought-after career options.

Over a million engineering aspirants appear for the engineering entrance tests like JEE mains, BITSAT, etc. every year. In this article, some of the reasons to choose engineering after class 12 are given. These reasons are enough to highlight why engineering is considered to be one of the most preferred degrees.

  • A Practical Course

Engineering deals with the mathematical and scientific applications in different fields. The theoretical skills are applied in the real-life domains which make the course extremely practical, relevant and interesting. Engineering students can easily relate their textbook concepts to the practical applications.

  • Intellectual Development

An engineering degree brings the best out of a student. The course helps a student to develop creativity and competitiveness. Also, the engineering jobs are highly challenging and every engineering course makes sure the students are able to tackle any such challenges later in life. Overall, an engineering course helps in the intellectual development of the students.

  • Career Opportunities

With an engineering degree, a plethora of career options opens up. The career of an engineer is always challenging and creative. They are highly admired and are required in almost all sectors. So, an engineer is highly paid, respected and job options are varying. Also, as the engineering jobs are practical, most of the engineers tend to be satisfied with their career and have the opportunity to explore new challenges every day.

  • Societal Upliftment

Engineers always work to discover, innovate and invent new technologies to make life better and easier. Also, engineers take up various societal challenges like energy shortage, pollution, etc. to eradicate them and improve the societal standards. Apart from these, engineers also contribute in the medical and other sectors to make the functioning of the organizations more efficient.

These were some of the reasons why engineering is chosen by several individuals every year. Also, it should be noted that getting into an excellent engineering college is extremely competitive. So, one should be very well prepared for the JEE mains and JEE advanced to be able to crack them and join any of the top engineering institutes in the country.

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