Kids who become interested in rodeo are not unlike kids who are interest in any other sport. There are many coaching styles to help them be their best at whatever they put their minds too. However, what is most important is that kids are enjoying their activities and don’t resent their parents or feel alienated when they make mistakes or don’t do well.

Taking Videos

One parent has an approach that surprises other parents of children who get into rodeo. He video tapes every event. He does not yell at his daughter at a run or gets upset with her just because she didn’t do well at any particular event. They sit down together and watch the videos and analyze what can be done better for the future.

Learning From Mistakes

As much as parents coach and lecture their children, sometimes mistakes can be the greatest teachers. It’s not that parents should never give their kids advice – it’s that sometimes the light bulb doesn’t turn on in children’s minds until they live some of these experiences for themselves. What is helpful about video is that one can see themselves objectively and see things they didn’t realize while they were in the moment of performing in their event. Your child can learn how to do better at creating a strategy. Your child can see how to better score, and rope at the precise moment by watching themselves and see exactly where they can improve their performance.

Keeping Relationships Healthy

Forward thinking parents know that if they’re too hard on their children, or humiliate them in public by yelling at them during events, they can cause resentment and broken relationships. Everyone wants to win and do their best, but nobody has a perfect day every time.  Winning can bring euphoric feelings.  However, a close relationship with their parents well into adulthood is more important than winning sports events. Children can become the best at what they do through encouragement and learning from their mistakes without sacrificing good parent-child relationships.

Rodeo Equipment and Preparation

Of course, having the best rodeo arena equipment is helpful to the success that children have in rodeo events as well. Also, some parents help their children with unsaddling and grooming their horses. If your child is busy mentally preparing themselves for their next event, there is no reason why you can’t help them and their horse. Besides, the preparation time can be spent with pep talk and encouragement that may help ease nervousness and set them up for better success when it’s their turn to shine.

At the end of the day, your child is doing rodeo because they want too. They enjoy it very much and perhaps they have a natural talent for it. Even if natural talent isn’t there, perhaps they’ve spent hours of practice perfecting their craft. Video taping them to watch later with them would provide several benefits to help them grow and do better at rodeo events. They can see their own mistakes for themselves and ask questions or think of strategies for improvement. They can become the best.