Peter Loftin- Making His Own Ladder to Success

Life tried to take down Peter Loftin but he made the best of the worst and now he stands as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. His story is truly a rags to riches one and has inspired many to follow in his footsteps. He became Entrepreneur of the Year multiple times with other achievements and awards to his name. He dropped out of college when he was 26 years old and was determined to leave a mark on the world.

At the age of 31, he founded the telecom company called BTI or Business Telecom Inc. Today, the revenue generated by the company is $20 million approximately. He started off with being a successful entrepreneur but later on became a philanthropist as well. He donated a lot of money to a lot of organisations.

Knowing about his journey to the top

When you start from scratch, you have nothing but your skill set and your ambition to fall back upon. It was the same in case of Peter Loftin. He had the qualities to put his education to good use and make the best of what he received. He didn’t have the materials to manufacture or come up with a unique good or service and therefore, entered the land of selling and analysing the long distance market. Needless to say, the journey began from here and the end result was the reputed and celebrated Business Telecom Inc. or BTI Company.

Another important aspect to his nature that endeared him to one and all was his giving nature. Peter Loftin always knew that he should spend much lesser than what he earned, so he could give. He could maintain the balance and continues to indulge in a lot of social work. In his early days, he founded an organisation or body called ‘Coats for Kids’. The aim of the group was to collect and provide the less fortunate with warm clothes and coats for the winters. There were other notable projects like helping troubled and misled teenagers by the help of ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation.

The big steps of Loftin

Once he had done all he could in the small scale, Peter Loftin decided that he needed to do something on a larger scale. He bought the luxurious hotel and social club called Casa Casuarina. He has always been an art and culture enthusiast and the Casa Casuarina is used for hosting these cultural events and other social awareness events. Located in Miami, this luxurious club cum hotel has seen many fancy parties thrown by celebrities. It has also hosted countless charity events.

Loftin is known to have donated large sums of money to the Special Operations Funds to fund the college and education of the children of soldiers. He was also a member of the National Board of Governors of the American Red Cross Society, thereby contributing to the society and the entire world as a whole. He has been relentless and persistent in bringing change to everything around him and has succeeded in bringing positivity in lives with his inspirational deeds.