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As the US continues to see its Latino population rising, soon to eclipse the native English-speaking population, it becomes more and more important for professionals and people in various lines of work to be able to communicate in Spanish. The list is long of those who can gain from learning to speak at least some Spanish. And for recent graduates and those just entering the job market, being bilingual is an important addition to your CV.

While it is possible to study Spanish online, using free materials, or do courses at local education centers, by far the best way to learn Spanish is to immerse oneself in the language and the culture by visiting a Latin country on an educational vacation. Signing up with a Spanish school such as Yanapuma Spanish School in Ecuador offers the chance explore the culture through learning the language, learning to speak Spanish in the context in which it is lived daily by millions of Latin people.

Students generally take 4 hours of classes each day. Yanapuma Spanish School focuses on “Communicative Teaching Method”, teaching students to communicate from the very start, whatever their level and ability. This contrasts with the general teaching method used that focuses on learning the grammar rules and vocabulary and then trying to construct sentences out of these bricks. Instead, students learn to communicate with grammar taught as the support for that activity. This makes classes much more engaging and practical.

In addition to studying Spanish, students at Yanapuma Spanish School in Ecuador can explore their surroundings on afternoon and weekend excursions. The school has two centers, one in the cosmopolitan capital city Quito, and the other in tranquil, colonical city Cuenca in the south of Ecuador. Students can even split their time between the two schools to be able to take in two very different environments.

Another option is to take part in one of their “Study Travel” programs, visiting different parts of the country with a teacher – staying in an Amazon lodge, or in the cloud forest or Andes mountains, all while learning Spanish.

Finally, if time allows, students may like to cap off their trip to Ecuador with a visit to the incomparable Galapagos Islands on a tour organized by Yanapuma’s own travel agency – True Ecuador Travel.

Learning Spanish in Ecuador with Yanapuma Spanish School is not only educational and practical, but fun and inspiring.