Leading characteristics of gifted children

Every child is gifted, but some children are certainly gifted with dominant characteristics. Gifted children are better in many aspects of life, and the pattern of their progressive development leads to their characteristics.

No doubt, all parents want their kids to be high achievers and successful in future endeavors. What if we could deduce the positive characteristics of gifted children and introduce them to our children?

The very first step is to decide the right age for child IQ testing and criteria of qualifying as a “gifted child.” They can perform remarkably at certain things to the extent that an average child cannot perform. This could be anything, a subject, a game or even a speech. Gifted children reflect higher intelligence.

According to recent research made on the characteristics of gifted children, they commonly show some signs. They can be evaluated from physical characteristics, language development, cognitive development, and social development. The best way is to consider the behavior and everyday conversations.

Physical Characteristics

Studies suggest that gifted children are energetic. They are usually tall and weight more as compared to the average children. Research has been done on the physique of famous people, and it has been noticed that most of them weighed more than the average.

Furthermore, there are some people with average intelligence, and they weighed more than the standard weight of a gifted child. It is believed that the physical development of a child is related to the social, economic development of the environment.

Although the physical characteristics appear to be strongly related with intelligence, unfortunately, not much evidence has been revealed to prove it.

Language Development

The attitude of a child, especially in the classroom, reveals a lot about his intelligence. Gifted children discuss ideas, solve problems and ask thought-provoking questions. They are known to have an excellent vocabulary and sentence structuring skills.

Delighting sense of humor and story making skills reflect their creative nature. They can create joyful ideas and imaginations with their linguistic skills.

Cognitive Development

Gifted children are intellectually, and their deep concentration and problem-solving skills make then stand out of the crowd. If a gifted child is interested in a specific subject, he performs remarkably in that subject and participates actively during quizzes.

Gifted children are good at quick learners. Since they are good at concentration and learn quickly, they can link details more easily and understand things in more detail.

Gifted children prefer solo work, and they perform according to their ideas and imaginations. Such children can think out of the box, and they dislike following routines. Many of the gifted children are known to start leaning, reading and writing at an early age.

Social Development

Gifted children see the World differently. They have different interests and perspectives as compared to their peers. Unfortunately, many gifted children have known to be unsocial whereas many gifted children have turned out with exceptional leadership qualities.

Since they developed intellectual maturity at an early age, they prefer the company of mature or older people as compared to their age fellows. They like to be friends with children having similar interests and frequency.

Every child takes time in understanding values, and moral issues but gifted children react sensitively towards these factors even at an early age. They are idealistic and consider a fair approach in every situation. It has been observed that some gifted children are prone to hyperactivity leading towards concentration issues.

Although a majority of the gifted children exhibit these characteristics, it is not necessary that a gifted child may carry all or any of these characteristics. As stated in the very beginning, every child is gifted, and that is what makes his personality unique from his peers.

A child cannot be labeled as “ungifted” if he is not reflecting any signs of mentioned characteristics. Maybe he carries different gifts that we might not be considering here.