Review – is it legit? is one of the open access publishing company which came into light recently. Due to their strict standards in approving manuscripts, more and more authors have revealed that getting their article approved into is very difficult. They are following open peer-review policy which means, anyone can see who reviewed your articles. This makes them more unique than other publishing houses.  

Due to their vibrant outlook, authors are turning towards them. Here is a quick glance at their homepage.

How to submit an article to Index of Sciences?

In order to submit your manuscript to index of sciences, you need to first sign up with them as an author. See below

Once you are signed in as author, click on the submit button at the top, you will be taken to the online manuscript submission system.

By agreeing all the terms proposed of index of sciences, you can proceed to submit your manuscript.

Once your manuscript is submitted, it will be automatically assigned to the available editors to review your submitted manuscript. Your manuscript will undergo at least 2 review process before, you get your author proof.

They have wide range of journals to choose from. So, if you go over to the homepage, you can choose your preferred journal and start submitting your manuscript. They also have this beautiful author profile page, where you can receive your fellow author’s updates. Just like you receive updates in Facebook and twitter, you can also follow your favorite authors in this website.

See here for sample author’s page:

Unlike other journal publishers who accept manuscript through email which is very difficult to track your article status. Index of sciences is offering an efficient way to track your article status through article tracking system. Both article submission and tracking can be done online at your own convenience.

Here is a quick overview of article tracking system:

Editorial Board:

Index of sciences company is very transparent in displaying their editorial board. Unlike predatory journals who use fake editors and editor in chiefs, index of sciences uses real identities and real profiles. This way, it is helpful for future authors and current authors who are looking to increase the credibility and impact scores.

Impact Factor:

Each journal in Index of sciences has its own impact factor which will displayed on the top of the webpage. Older journals will tend to have higher impact factor than newer journals. If quality is maintained in publishing, the published article will be cited in other sources, this will lead to higher impact factor.

Indexing: is getting indexed in major publishing sources like Pubmed, PMC, Scopus and Google Scholar. Getting indexed in major medical libraries will increase the reach for your research. Apart, from getting indexed in these major libraries, Index of sciences also publishes your research in their social media networks to boost your article views and increase citations for your research.

This way, you and your research will be getting the most of it. While other traditional journals who just publish your article along with others. While with Index of sciences, you and your research will treated special and will be given equal importance to all your submissions along with others.