How to Stay Creative During the Whole Week

Are you having trouble staying creative? Often, for those in the creative industry, great ideas come from the most unexpected places. Many times, it is where you aren’t ready to take note of the plan for later use.

Moreover, being creative can help you increase your level of authority, expertise and innovation. These are vital factors that will propel you towards achieving your career or business goals. With time you may hit a creative block when you most need to tap into your creative side.

It is frustrating as you rack your mind of tangible and worthwhile ideas that you could execute. When you can’t find proper literature review service, these tips will help you stay creative daily:

  • Get off the Internet

While you are sure to find a vast source of inspiration on the internet, it is a passive affair. Sometimes, an inbound notification may disrupt your train of thought. The act of reading or watching inspiring content may even demotivate you to think creatively.

Once in a while, you need to go analogue and go off-grid. Try writing a literature review APA, by hand on paper. Get yourself a journal and jot down any valuable content that comes to mind.

As your mind roams, you start to create rather than merely consume.

  • Take Breaks

We live in a time when grinding is the real deal. You have to work hard if not smart, to get what you desire. With this attitude, one may feel guilty to take breaks that they deserve as it may feel like wasting time.

Now, when you take breaks from mental tasks, say working on your APA lit review, It improves your creativity. Skipping the much-needed break for your body and mind to rejuvenate, will lead to exhaustion, stress, and the dreadful creative block.

No one is ever productive when he or she are exhausted and rarely so when stressed can you do any good. Also when the brain stimulus remains constant, gradually, the brain stops registering feeling, sound and sight. That’s not good when you want to be creative.

  • Meditate

Silence is especially golden when creativity is most needed. I know some people are scared to be left in their thoughts. However, meditation helps you to clear your mind.

As you get in touch with your inner self and learn to keep away from distractions, you may conjure ideas that would even shock you what you could come up with, if you only allow yourself.

  • Schedule Pockets of Time

When your schedule is packed, and you are unable to get time away from your busy lifestyle, you have to make do with what you have. It can be on your daily commute to work or an appointment, take a few moments to scribble down your ideas.

As you wait for your lunch date, develop a character or the talking points for your presentation. Regular creative breaks will keep your juices flowing, and you could come up with a brilliant idea, in a matter of minutes.

  • Be Present

I once had an internship at a firm where every intern was to write a perspective on a daily basis. More so, whatever you write had to be in line with the department you are in. Besides that, you had daily deliverables that you had to finish on, every working day.

It wasn’t easy to complete tasks before the end of the office hours. Most times, the interns stayed up late working. Thus we had to be creative and use whatever was taking place in our surrounding to write a perspective.

With time, you would have the subsequent essay in mind as you wrote the one for that particular day.


To fuel your creative juices daily, you have to keep learning. There’s not a time when you will comfortably say that you have gained more than enough knowledge. Know when to take breaks and re-energise your mind.

Pay attention to your surroundings; you never know what could jolt that valuable idea, hidden in you. Take time away from your busy schedule to meditate and be creative. With time you may not need to lock yourself in a room to come up with an innovative idea.