How to plan your life after retirement

Working is more than making money and being financially independent. Employment is also a way to develop ourselves as people and as professionals, as well as the engine that allows us to get up every morning and make sense of the day. For this reason, when the moment of retirement arrives, although we have had a satisfactory professional career, it is important to find an alternative that allows us to feel useful both on a personal level and with respect to society and the community. With kiwis today you can know more now.

What can I do once retired?

The transition from working life to retirement can be difficult and take time to adjust. Whether you have been employed or self-employed, it is a readjustment of the routine maintained for many years of adult life. However, it is important to create new habits that allow us to organize our day and chores. Perhaps the chosen activity is related to the profession that we have had so far. Or perhaps we consider that it is time to dedicate our time to a completely different goal or an activity that until then has been a simple hobby. The options are endless, of course, but here are some ideas:

  1. Travel

The paradox that if you have money, you don’t have time to travel; whereas if you have time, you don’t have money, it disappears. Now you have time and money, so maybe it is time to visit those countries or cities that you always wanted to know. Or to visit your family and friends who live abroad.

  1. Study

It is never too late to return to the educational system, which does not have to be related to job promotion and curriculum improvement. Studying for the simple fact of wanting to train in a field (perhaps very different from your profession) is a good way to stay active. It allows you to have a schedule, increase your knowledge, interact with other people and put your abilities to the test.

  1. Learn

This point is in relation to the previous one, but it does not imply enrolling in studies with a large class load or with many years to complete. Maybe you just want to learn how to take pictures, paint, do yoga, or share your points of view at a book club. Planning your days around activities that appeal to you can be a good way to stay active.

  1. Volunteer

Spending your time helping others or participating with community, animal or environmental associations, for example, allows you to invest your time for the common good. Along the same lines, mentoring can be another very rewarding activity.

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Work after retirement

However, there are people who do not conceive of opting for a “contemplative” life, but rather they prefer to continue working. Especially those who have had their own company (with the great effort that this entails), when it comes to retirement they prefer to continue taking charge of their business or at least manage and give some general guidelines. In other cases, they may prefer to collaborate with a company or offer knowledge altruistically.