How to learn fashion designing

How to learn fashion designing

The design of clothing or fashion (fashion) consists of the creation or development of an initial idea, both for clothing and its accessories. This activity is mainly professional, but it is possible to practice it at an amateur level, sometimes as a previous step to professionalization.  It is the most creative phase with which it begins what is then carried out by making the garment. From Bulletin bite you will know all the details now.


The first part of the design process is to have an idea of what you want to create at the garment level

If it is a garment or an accessory, what fabric can be used, what style we want. The idea is embodied in   a sketch that shows the shape and color and considers the textures, fabrics and ornaments with which the garment will have to be made. On the above draw a concrete outline of the garment or figuring. Next, a pattern is made, (a drawing following which the fabric will be cut), which will later go on to the stage of being made,

  • Although these phases of pattern and manufacture correspond to an activity that is already complete in itself, at the amateur level they are usually combined with design. That is, the basis of the design is to have the idea and create the sketch on it. Initial creation can be done with the help of computer applications.
  • An alternative to the design of clothing or clothing is the design of other garments, for the home, such as the dining room or bed, the most interesting being -in these cases-the design of drawing or color patterns.
  • Clothing design provides exclusivity to those who practice it, also known as customization, since it is about personalization and creation of unique pieces.

It is a hobby in which creativity and precision go hand in hand to achieve the desired results. It requires knowledge of fashion, drawing and sewing. And, preferably, management of computer programs. It can be complemented with the design of leather garments, fabric dyeing or jewelry creation.

As the Starting Part

As starting material, drawing material is enough, although a computer is also very useful to design with different programs. If you want to complete the creation of garments, usual materials in clothing are necessary.   Many websites and apps allow you to create sketches and designs to facilitate the creative process. There are also courses where you can learn this activity at a non-professional level, although most courses are to develop a profession.

Depending on the time and dedication to clothing design, it will be possible to see in the future the possibility of selling products and even developing a own brand. From the biography Bashar Ibrahim  you can know a lot.



Being a professional in fashion design is to create patterns, and unique garments that tell a story and that satisfy the needs of each client, but to become a fashion design artist, pursuing a specialized career will allow you to acquire all the knowledge necessary for you to shine with the creation of unique garments that set trends.So this day we want to share with you those essential materials that you should keep in your designer bag or backpack to learn, practice and create incredible pieces.