Many students always prefer to study law, and it is natural because the demand of a lawyer is high in the USA. An attorney can earn enough money from this profession. Every year many students study in this field; however, many students claim that their law schools are not good. They are facing the problems because they did not consult with the experienced persons before the admission. By this article, I am trying to discuss everything here, and hope the students will get their information from this article.

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Positive News about the Lawyers

  1. Government data showed that the annual income of a lawyer was $114,970 in 2014, and doubtlessly it is an impressive report.
    2. The growth rate of this profession is also better than the most other professions. Annual growth rate is 6{e9882222d34a627c01256861a8ec0603d0c81cc8f48678048d03a7472f7f9be6}, and it is positive news.
    3. Most of the lawyers are satisfied with the present job, and they do not want to change the profession.  It is also good news.

However if a student wants to be a lawyer then should follow some steps.

Step 1 : Complete A Bachelor’s Degree

The minimum qualification for admission to law school is a bachelor’s degree. So a student must be a bachelor’s degree holder. There are many law schools almost everywhere in the USA.

Image result for How to Become a LawyerStep 2 : Pass The Admission Test

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Is an admission process. Along with an undergraduate degree, a student must pass the test for the admission. The examination includes multiple-choice questions. After few days of the text, a merit list is published and the students can get the list from and can choose a school.

Step 3 : Identify The Law Schools

After passing the test a student can study in a law school, but he or she should know something about the school where he or she is going to study. A student should study in a school which is approved by the American Bar Association.

Step 4 : Earn A Juris Doctor Degree

The Juris Doctor (JD) is a recognized degree for practicing law; the American Bar Association (ABA) approved 205 schools for this program. A student must choose an ABA-approved law school, otherwise, will face the severe problem in future.

Step 5 : Pass The Bar Examination

After passing from an ABA-approved law school, a student should pass the state bar exam. It is important. If the students want to be the Los Angeles Lawyers then should pass the exam from the Los Angeles.  The bar association will check everything including the educational qualification, character, competence, etc.

Step 6:  Advance Your Career

After passing the bar examination, the lawyers generally work under the senior lawyers for many years, and after getting experience, the lawyers can be the partners in the law firms. Many lawyers also open their own offices. Many lawyers prefer to study more, and they study for the Master of Law (LLM) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.

Relevant Information

When a student decides to study the law, then should consider the American Bar Association (ABA) approved school. All the information about the institute is available on the websites of the school.