How does a charter school differentiate from a public school?

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Charter schools offer Raleigh NC parents a choice in their children’s education.  With greater flexibility than public schools and a deep commitment to quality education, charter schools provide rich curricular options and quality interactions with dedicated faculty and staff.

Schools like Ravenscroft give parents and student alike an extraordinary educational experience with proven results. At Ravenscroft, 100 percent of our preK-12 students graduate with the support of more than 240 faculty and staff members.

Understanding the differences between charter and public schools is important for parents considering a charter school.

What Are the Main Differences Between Charter and Public Schools?

Charter schools are independently run public schools. The charter establishes the school’s mission, outcome projections, educational philosophy, and assessment methods. They generally operate without some of the regulations imposed on public schools.

How Are Charter Schools Funded?

Charter schools receive funds on a per-pupil basis from government entities, either the state or local jurisdiction. Charter schools may also receive private funding and charge tuition. In contrast, public schools are funded by state contributions and local taxes.

How Do Charter Schools Operate?

Charter schools are independently run. However, the schools must still meet the standards stated by their charter and meet performance standards in order to receive funds. Public schools are governed by an elected or appointed school board and are subject to state and local regulations and laws.

Teachers in charter schools in some states may not need to be certified, while public school teachers are certified by the state.

What Is Similar About Charter and Public Schools?

Like public schools, charter schools may not discriminate against the students they admit.

Charter schools offer a terrific option to parents looking for a personalized, high-quality educational experience. To learn more about Ravenscroft, contact us today.